Centre for Women's and Gender Research

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Contact information

The Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK)
Visting address: Parkveien 9
Postal address: PB 7805, 5020 Bergen
Tel: +47 55 58 27 05
E-mail: post@skok.uib.no

About SKOK

The Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK) is an interdisciplinary research centre that aims to provide knowledge about these fields of research to all the faculties at the University of Bergen. SKOK’s main objective is to strengthen women’s and gender research at the university at large. SKOK aspires to function as a vital arena for researchers not only at our own university, but also to serve as a link to other research communities, both nationally and internationally. One of SKOK’s main goals is to secure a long term interdisciplinary competence building in this field of research.

The Centre also offers a Bachelor's programme in Gender Studies, a One-year course in Gender, Sexuality and Diversity and doctoral education.

Meet the researcher
Illustrasjon av mennesker i ulike farger med synlige hjerner

Neurodiversity and gender

PhD candidate at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK), Emily Violet Maddox, writes about neurological conditions and how they interact with gender.

Blog post
Scrabble tiles spelling out feminism

Philosophical questions at the core of feminist theory

In a recent blog post, Claus Halberg summarizes his project’s starting point in feminist theory and posits that philosophical questions are at the core of feminist theory.

Bergen Pride 2020
Rainbow colours

Queer perspectives at SKOK

Pride 2020 is upon us, and in the Centre for Women's and Gender Research's (SKOK) research and teaching, you can find many exciting perspectives related to this year’s programme.

Video interview with WAIT researcher

Shahram Khosravi on the pandemic and borders

In April, WAIT researcher Shahram Khosravi was interviewed about the pandemic and borders as part of a series of conversations called Four Rooms.

International cooperation
group of people sitting outside

New Tools for Transnational Analysis in Postgraduate Intersectional Gender Research

International project will strengthen the employability of doctoral candidates doing gender research.