Centre for Women's and Gender Research

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The Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK)
Visting address: Parkveien 9
Postal address: PB 7805, 5020 Bergen
Tel: +47 55 58 27 05
E-mail: post@skok.uib.no

About SKOK

The Centre for Women’s and Gender Research (SKOK) is an interdisciplinary research centre that aims to provide knowledge about these fields of research to all the faculties at the University of Bergen. SKOK’s main objective is to strengthen women’s and gender research at the university at large. SKOK aspires to function as a vital arena for researchers not only at our own university, but also to serve as a link to other research communities, both nationally and internationally. One of SKOK’s main goals is to secure a long term interdisciplinary competence building in this field of research.

The Centre also offers a Bachelor's programme in Gender Studies, a One-year course in Gender, Sexuality and Diversity and doctoral education.

New PhD
Picture of Noor Jdid

Who is the active citizen in Norway and Denmark?

On 5 February 2021, Noor Jdid will defend her PhD thesis at the University of Bergen. Her thesis is called “’Taking part in society the way I am.’ An exploration of active citizenship norms in Denmark and Norway.”

New PhD
Picture of Kari Anne Drangsland

How might irregular migrants «wait well”?

On 21 January 2021, Kari Anne Drangsland will defend her PhD thesis at the University of Bergen. Her thesis is called “Working to ‘Wait Well’. Exploring the temporalities of irregular migration in Germany."

New book
Bokframside Waiting and the Temporalities of Irregular Migration

Waiting as analytical perspective provides new insight

Researchers from UiB’s WAIT project have published a new book about waiting as both a social phenomenon in migration and as an analytical perspective on migration processes.

New research project
San Francisoc sett frå Berkeley

SKOK partners in new project: Speculative Urban Futures: Inequality and Migration

Centre for Women’s and Gender Research is partner in a new project at The Global Research Programme on Inequality (GRIP) that has been granted funding from Global Challenges at UiB.
New Anthology

The Cultural is Political: Intersections of Russian Art and State Politics

In the last decade, culture and art have become arenas of forceful political controversy in Russia.