Centre for Women's and Gender Research

Studying at SKOK

The Center for Women- and Gender Research (SKOK) offers a Bachelor Program in Gender studies, a One-year Programme in Gender, Sexuality and Diversity, and a variety of courses on gender that can be incorporated in other bachelor- and master programs. Additionally, SKOK offers several courses for PhD-candidates, which are also open to master students.

Main content

What is gender? How does gender operate in society and culture? Does our understanding of gender change over time, and how can encounters with other ethnic and religious groups change our understanding of gender? Can films, literature, and art create alternative forms of gender? Questions concerning gender and sexuality can be key to understanding people and the societies we live in. Gender studies examines the historical and contemporary meanings of gender. 

Central concepts in the study of gender are gender diversity, intersectionality, patriarchy, and sexism. Students at SKOK get an overview of ideas about gender from different theoretical perspectives, such as feminist theory, queer theory, critical race theory, psychoanalysis, feminist epistemology, democracy, globalization, and gender equality. Among other, readings include classic feminist texts and modern gender theory, as well as fiction and other texts where gender is a prominent issue.

The study programs at SKOK require fluency in Norwegian language, as most of the lectures are held in Norwegian. Candidates apply through The Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS), an admission system primarily meant for Norwegian citizens and individuals with a permanent or renewable residence permit in Norway. Exchange students at the University of Bergen are welcome to apply for the course KVIK206 Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context, which is currently held in English.