Centre for Women's and Gender Research

Doctoral education

The Center for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) is a multidisciplinary research center with doctoral candidates tied to different PhD programs and research schools at the University of Bergen.

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Main content

SKOK offers courses that can be integrated into the educational part of your doctoral program. At the center, we organize PhD courses for our own PhD candidates, as well as other candidates at UiB and at associated universities and research facilities in Norway and abroad. Through the research network "New Tools for Transnational Analysis in Postgraduate Intersectional Gender Research" our candidates have the opportunity to collaborate with universities in Linköping, Budapest, and Cape Town (follow the link to InterGender at the bottom of the page). We also offer courses through the National Research School in Gender Research. All courses at SKOK are open to participants from other research centers, institutions, and facilities.

We also hold seminars for master and PhD students working with gender-related topics through our annual master and PhD "relays". Participants at these seminars receive counselling from SKOK's experienced researchers and staff. Additionally, the PhD candidates at SKOK have founded a separate cluster for all candidates at UiB who focus on gender.