Centre for Women's and Gender Research

SKOK's strategy

Below you'll find SKOK's strategy for the period 2023-2030.

Slagord projisert på bygningsfasade: Vi er lei av den store forskjellen
Projection activism at SKOK's offices in Parkveien 9, spring 2023.
Silje Mari Mo

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Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) is a multidisciplinary research centre that aims to strengthen gender, sexuality and critical diversity research at the University of Bergen. Questions pertaining to gender, sexuality and diversity are central to governance and democracy globally and sits at the core of how we understand ourselves and others, both historically and in the present.

Over the past years, questions concerning gender, sexuality and diversity have become more and more central in political debates globally, spurring both increased conflicts and new possibilities for solidarity and joint action. Critical thinking and research in these areas are of utmost importance both to understand our past and fundamental changes in our present.

Primary objectives

  • SKOK shall be an active gender, sexuality and diversity research environment that fosters interdisciplinarity and critical thinking and research.
  • SKOK shall be a visible research environment and an attractive partner institution nationally and internationally as well as within the University of Bergen.
  • SKOK shall contribute to a deeper understanding of societal challenges and foundational questions in gender, sexuality and diversity research.
  • Research, teaching and knowledge dissemination will reflect the centre's theoretically informed, critical, historical and global approaches.
  • We shall strengthen the Centre’s position at the University and secure new permanent positions.


Kontor med mange bøker
Thor Brødreskift/UiB


  • SKOK shall conduct independent research that is theoretically informed and anchored in critical, historical and global approaches.
  • SKOK shall contribute to the integration of gender, sexuality and critical diversity perspectives in research and promote its relevance both at the University of Bergen and nationally.
  • SKOK shall strengthen the research profile and secure new positions through external funding.


  • SKOK shall publish research in relevant publication channels.
  • SKOK shall actively use SKOK’s research groups to develop and reach our research objectives.
  • SKOK shall further develop and maintain the infrastructure for writing high-quality applications.  
  • SKOK shall further develop and utilize the Gender perspectives resource page, research groups and active dialogue with other units at UiB to promote the relevance of gender, sexuality and critical diversity perspectives.
  • SKOK shall develop strategic research areas within foundational theoretical questions and global challenges.


Students at seminar
Kari Jegerstedt


  • SKOK shall provide high quality, research-based teaching at all levels.
  • SKOK shall have a distinct teaching profile with emphasis on foundational questions in gender, sexuality and critical diversity studies, including theoretical modes of thought and historical and global perspectives.
  • SKOK shall educate students who can apply their acquired knowledge to their professional lives as well as to further studies and academic careers.
  • SKOK shall have a vibrant, inclusive and academically stimulating environment for our students.
  • SKOK shall be a resource for the development and integration of gender, sexuality and critical diversity perspectives in the education at the University of Bergen and seek teaching collaboration both nationally and internationally.
  • SKOK shall work to increase the number of students who successfully complete their gender studies degrees.


  • SKOK shall strengthen recruitment of students by participating in events such as Open day, increasing visibility on online platforms and showcasing student perspectives.
  • SKOK shall strengthen student reception and support, including the organization of “study start seminars”.
  • SKOK shall strengthen the position of the student council in their efforts to create a sense of community among fellow students, supporting student learning and motivation.  SKOK shall facilitate monthly student council meetings and their organisation of both social and academically oriented events every semester.
  • SKOK shall organise the election of two student representatives, as well as two substitutes, for each new program class, who will partake in focus group meetings with the educational coordinator.
  • SKOK shall work to develop a program for Gender Studies at the master's level in collaboration with other disciplines at the UiB.
  • SKOK shall strengthen the practical components of the programmes and facilitate life-long learning.
  • SKOK shall have regular teaching seminars to exchange ideas and further develop varied and innovative methods of teaching and evaluation.
  • SKOK shall work systematically to strengthen the study programs and teaching methodologies in dialogue with other Norwegian institutions and international partners.
  • SKOK shall actively support students in discovering the relevance of gender and sexuality research in different careers, through activities like work shadowing, work life relevancy events and updated interviews with alumni on the SKOK webpage.
  • SKOK shall actively promote the societal relevance and importance of the study programmes.
  • SKOK shall arrange relays for bachelor and master students writing with a gender perspective.
  • SKOK shall promote internationalization by offering virtual exchange and by expanding the offer for SKOK bachelor’s students to study abroad.
  • SKOK shall seek external funding to strengthen the study portfolio.

Researcher Training

A new doctor is congratuated by the university's rector
Thor Brødreskift


  • SKOK shall create the best conditions for developing theoretical, critical, global and historical modes of thought and will provide an environment where PhD candidates will be trained to contribute to the international research front.
  • SKOK shall contribute to the development and integration of gender, sexuality, and critical diversity perspectives into the training of researchers at the University of Bergen.


  • SKOK shall create a strong academic environment for PhD candidates by means of the research groups, and work to increase supervision skills and collaboration among supervisors.
  • SKOK shall facilitate international research visits through exchange agreements with top international universities.
  • SKOK shall further enhance the quality of the dissertation submitted by organizing final seminars. 
  • SKOK shall plan the duty-work in such a way that it provides insight into various aspects of academic work, strengthens researcher training, and provides predictability for the candidate.
  • SKOK shall encourage and support PhDs in organizing various collective initiatives and academic events.
  • SKOK shall further develop teaching at the PhD level through SKOK’s own PhD courses and in collaboration with the National Research School, as well as with the InterGender Consortium and Research School.
  • SKOK shall organize interdisciplinary meeting places and annual meetings for PhD candidates with an interest in gender research, such as the PhD Relay.
  • The management and the administrative staff at SKOK shall support the centre's core activities in research training.


A poster for the SKOK debate 2023 with pictures of the panelists and the moderator
Engebretsen: Private, McEwen: University of Gothenburg, Navarro: Alma Habbal, Vembe: Joakim Eide, Maddox: UiB


  • SKOK shall contribute to an enlightened and inclusive public debate by disseminating knowledge to, and in dialogue with, the broader society.
  • SKOK shall strive towards accountability in research by making our research openly available to stakeholders, including those who are affected by our research.
  • SKOK shall uphold our unique responsibility for promoting interdisciplinary gender, sexuality and critical diversity research and dialogue between researchers and students at the UiB.


  • SKOK shall disseminate and discuss the distinctive contributions of gender, sexuality and critical diversity research to scholarly and public debates.
  • SKOK shall develop communication and dissemination plans as an integral part of research activities and research projects.
  • SKOK shall develop internal support structures for scientific staff involved in debates about controversial issues.
  • SKOK shall utilize a variety of media and communication channels to reach out to a larger audience, e.g. the annual SKOK debate and other public events, traditional and social media, active updating and promotion of our Gender perspectives website.
  • SKOK shall facilitate and encourage publishing, preferably Open Access, e.g. through internal seminars.
  • SKOK shall strengthen digital and media competence of employees through courses, media training and participation in public debates.

Management, Administration and HSE

Three office doors
Thor Brødreskift


  • SKOK shall have a generous, inclusive and stimulating work environment characterized by trust and well-being, where professional development is crucial.
  • SKOK shall contribute to UiB’s efforts to increase diversity.
  • Our management and administrative staff shall support the centre's core activities in research, education and dissemination.
  • SKOK shall have good routines and a good flow of communication between the academic and administrative staff in regard to research, teaching, dissemination and innovation.
  • SKOK shall contribute to UiB efforts to become more sustainable.
  • SKOK shall contribute to UiB efforts to create a working environment free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.


  • SKOK shall incorporate routines for different work areas and clarify expectations and the division of labour.
  • SKOK shall develop clear, regular and effective internal communication through regular staff meetings and internal seminars.
  • SKOK shall prioritize necessary support and infrastructure for academic staff to effectively carry out research, teaching, and dissemination.
  • SKOK shall take into consideration diversity in recruitment processes and collaborations, including seminar participation.
  • SKOK shall support competence building and career planning for the administrative staff.
  • SKOK shall facilitate and encourage digital meetings, use of train/bus instead of air-travel and cars, and keep up serving vegetarian food for meetings, seminars and social gatherings.
  • SKOK shall raise awareness, both at SKOK and UiB broadly, of harassment and discrimination.
  • SKOK shall have social gatherings every month.
  • SKOK shall offer all employees annual employee appraisal talks.
  • SKOK shall have annual HSE seminars.


Four people in a seminar panel
Kamilla Stølen


  • SKOK shall have an international profile in research, teaching and dissemination and seek international collaboration whenever possible.


  • SKOK shall further develop internationalization through keeping close relationships with selected networks and foreign teaching and research institutions.
  • SKOK shall use recruitment strategically to promote internationalization.
  • SKOK shall work to have an international Professor II at all times.
  • SKOK shall advocate UiB’s double language policy (Norwegian/English).
  • SKOK shall support incoming international staff and develop a “buddy” system for new employees at SKOK.
  • SKOK shall seek external funding with international partners.
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