Centre for Women's and Gender Research

About SKOK

Center for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) is a multidisciplinary research center that aims to strengthen the women's and gender research at the University of Bergen.

Senter for kvinne- og kjønnsforskning
The Center for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) is centrally located on the University Campus at Nygårdshøyden, in Parkveien 9.
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One of the main goals of SKOK is to guarantee long-term competence building in the field across disciplinary boundaries. SKOK also acts as a nexus between other research environments, both nationally and internationally.

Research, dissemination and education

SKOK is a research center focused on the promotion of research, dissemination, and education on women and gender-related issues, such as health and migration. The center aims to strenghten the existing gender research at the University of Bergen, as well as stimulating new research within the field at all faculties and departments at UiB. Research at SKOK is multidisciplinary and oriented towards the development of new theory and basic research, but it is also our task to stimulate empirical and applied scientific research.

Through the organization of events, such as seminars, guest lectures, and debates, SKOK works to make knowledge on gender-related topics available to the public, and show the relevance of gender in current research.

SKOK is also an educational facility, and offers a bachelor's degree in gender studies, a one-year program in gender and sexuality, as well as a variety of courses with a focus on gender-related issues. We also offer PhD scholarships, and currently employ several PhD candidates developing their individual projects.


Our research staff and associated researchers have a varied background from different areas and disciplines, first and foremost from the humanities and social sciences, but also fro the natural sciences. At SKOK, we are actively working to expand our academic staff, and to work in collaboration with the faculties at UiB, among other things, through the research group "Foundational Questions in Gender Research". The research group is open to all researchers at UiB examining gender related topics, and includes all the academic staff at the centre.


Internationally, SKOK aims to position itself as a excellent research facility for gender research, anchored in a common understanding of the founding pillars in the field of women's and gender studies, multidisciplinary gender theory, critical thinking, and a global and historical perspective. SKOK's mission is to make the relevance of gender research visible, both at UiB as well as in society in general.


You can download SKOK's current strategy below.