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Ida Blom

Who was Ida Blom (1931-2016), and why is the building of the Centre for Women's and Gender Research is located named after her?

Ida Blom (1931-2017)
Ida Blom (1931-2017)

Allégaten 34, the building where the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) is located, is named after Ida Cara Blom (1931-2016), one of Bergen's most prominent historians of women's history. Blom completed her doctoral dissertation "Nasjonal reisning" (National Rise) in History at the University of Bergen in 1971. Through the 80's she worked actively to establish international women's history conferences. She also worked to integrate women's and gender history on all levels of education in history. In 1992 she recieved the Brage-award (Brageprisen) for the books "Cappelens kvinnehistorie I-III". In 1996 she was made honorary doctorate at the University of Copenhagen. In 1999 she was recognized as honorary president of the International Federation for Research in Women's History. In 2007 Blom was accepted as foreign honorary member of the American Historical Association. In 2001 she was made commander of the Saint Olav Order. Ida Blom was Professor Emeritus at the University of Bergen until she passed away in 2016.