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Useful information for staff members

The following is an overview of the most important things that apply to all staff members at SKOK.


General information/economy/purchase

You can find useful and updated information in the Employee Handbook and the UiB Employee Pages.

Operating funds for PhD and postdoctoral fellows
Research Fellows are awarded operating funds that are spread over a period of three years; in the fourth year will all remaining funds be transferred over, depending on which contact the fellow has.

Budgeted operating costs
The faculty’s operating funds cover rent, office supplies, etc. Basic office supplies are ordered by the Center’s purchasing agent Judith Larsen. We are required to use UoB’s approved suppliers, which provide discounts. Operating funds should be used to cover expenses for research purposes, such as books, special computer software, licenses, travel and lodging, seminars, conferences, miscellaneous fees and other research-related purposes. Every year you will be informed as to the status of your individual budget.

The Center will cover the purchases of computers and iPad's. Ask Judith for the current models available. Judith must order these for you through the university’s purchasing system.

Purchasing agent’s function (Judith)
All purchases must be placed in BASWARE by Judith and have a PM number before invoices can be paid. The university has many purchasing agreements with various firms in Norway, which we are obligated to use. The purchasing agent (Judith) must order items such as computers and group travel, hotels and flights for invited guests. She must also order office supplies, furniture, books, flowers, catering, anything connected to arrangements like for example renting meeting locations, meals at restaurants, and so on. Additionally services, such as translations/editing/transcribing and website development, software licenses, printing/publishing, etc. must also go through Tone and Judith (Basware). All purchase must be approved by Tone Lund-Olsen before you ask Judith to order things. If you have questions, please ask Judith.

Purchasing books

Judith purchases all books from Akademika through the Basware system. Please do not purchase books yourself from Akademika. This is very important as we receive discounts and everything MUST go through Basware. There are two exceptions: If you buy books yourself abroad or books through Amazon, you can use an Outlay of Funds form and get your money refunded in this way. Please be aware that Akademika often can obtain most books so you do not usually need to use your own money in advance. All purchases must be approved by Tone Lund-Olsen.

Credit card
It is highly recommended that each staff member applies for a credit card, where you state that the University of Bergen is your employer. This replaces the travel advance forms we used to do. When travel is paid with the employee’s own university credit card, travel insurance included. If the bill from the credit card company is due before the journey is made the University will cover the interest fees. Interest fees and annual fees for credit cards are covered by the University, see: Reimbursement of expenses.

Tax cards
Non-Norwegian citizens will have to APPLY for a new tax card every year. Ask the administration if you need help in doing this. It is normally done online using form RF-1209. If you fail to apply for the tax card, a 50% tax will be deducted from your salary. You of course will receive any overpaid tax later on after the tax card is received, but it can take time.

Booking and payment of travel

All employees need to book and pay for their own travel, such as flights, train travel, hotels, conference registration fees, rental cars, taxis, airport buses, etc.  You MUST use the University’s travel agent: Global Travel, either via the Web or telephone. Experience shows that it pays to do some research on relevant routes and airlines beforehand and then give them specific flight details. Our travel agent is  Berg-Hansen.

The travel agent has an emergency plan, so if something during your travels should occur, such as your flight being cancelled, social unrest, and the like; the travel agent is responsible for finding alternative solutions. They are obligated to keep track of employees who are traveling who have used their services. Take immediate contact with them if something unforeseen happen.

Travel expense form

The travel expense form and scanned copies of receipts needs to be submitted in PAGAWEB within a month after the travel is completed. Go to this link. Send to VLA for contol.

Reimbursement of expenses is to be done in PAGAWEB (outlay of funds)

Please use PAGAWEB to apply for any reimbursement of expenses. Only research-related purchases that cannot be covered by ordinary purchases should be entered on the Refund of Outlay form. (All travel related expenses should be entered on the Travel Expense Form. See above.) Individual employees must not make ordinary purchases: such as office supplies, i Pads, computers and paper. Let Judith Larsen know what you need and she can order it for you.

Billing directly to the University of Bergen
In agreement with the Head of Administration, Tone Lund-Olsen, one may make purchases that are billed directly to the University of Bergen. It is important that the correct billing address and Billing-Code are used.

Invoice address: Universitetet i Bergen, Felles fakturamottak, Postboks 7800, 5020 Bergen, Billing-Code: Ask Judith for SVT's Billing-Code.

Travel reimbursement forms, reporting sick leave, registering vacations, and the like must all be registered in Pagaweb. Please direct questions concerning the travel reimbursement form to Judith Larsen. All other questions should be directed to Tone Lund-Olsen.


All staff members are expected to attend the regular staff meetings and seminars. They are also encouraged to present at internal and/or open seminars at the Centre.

In case of illness, you should immediately notify the Centre. Call the Main office 55 58 33 12 or 55 58 27 05, or another employee, or send an e-mail to someone in the administration. Use PAGAWEB to report/record the dates you were sick.

This applies to both short-term and long-term illnesses. Please remember to let us know if you have teaching responsibilities that need be cancelled or postponed.

Long-term sick leave
Fill out the part of the sick leave form that you receive from your doctor that you are responsible for, sign and deliver to the administration.

Arrange a meeting with the Centre’s Director or Head of Administration if you are sick for more than two weeks.

This meeting is required within six weeks after reporting your long-term sick-leave, which will then be followed up with a ‘follow-up agreement’.

For complete procedures at the University of Bergen, see Sick leave.


The Card Centre issues employee I.D. cards. The card is valid as the key card to the Centre’s front door, gives access to the Pull Print System, and serves as your library card for the University Library. A separate online form is filled out by Judith Larsen. You are to go to the Card Centre (located at the Student Centre) where they will take your picture. The card will be made for you at that time. Make sure you have a valid ID with you. If you lose your card, please inform Judith as soon as possible. Judith must go online to order you a new card.


You must update your own personal page yourself.

Who does what in the administration?

Tone, Kamilla, Judith, Idunn and the financial consultants' tasks:

The staff in the administration have the following functions and responsibilities:

Tone Lund-Olsen is the Head of Administration and is employed in a 100% position. Tone is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Overall responsibility for operation and management
  • Recruitment, personnel matters
  • Responsible for tasks in connection with the PhD theses and doctoral defenses
  • Finances and Budget

Kamilla Stølen is advisor for research and communication, and is employed in a 100 % position. Kamilla is responsible for the following tasks:

  • The website
  • Assists in connection with publicity and media relations
  • Assistance in connection with conferences, seminars and other events
  • Assistance in connection with application for external funding
  • Other administrative duties

Judith Larsen is a Higher Executive Officer who is employed in an 80% position. She works every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Judith is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Administratively responsible for the Course in Theory of science and ethics, HF, VITHF900 (SVT)
  • SVT-SKOK Ombudsman HSE (HMS verneombud) 2015-2016; 2017-2018; 2019-2020.
  • Miljøfyrtårn contact for Parkveien 9 (2016-2018)(2019-2021)
  • Contact person for ARK 2016-2017
  • Invoice Processing
  • Provides administrative support for dissertations, new employees, research fellows, summer research school, meetings, seminars and conferences
  • Proof-reading of English texts
  • Contact person for new employees
  • Booking of hotels and flights for guests
  • Contact person for the University Travel Agent: G-Travel, for group travel and guest travel. Arranges Strategy meetings for SKOK every two-four years
  • Booking of restaurants and reception rooms for courses, conferences and parties
  • Ordering office supplies, furniture, books, food, and PCs/MACs though BASWARE
  • Responsible for employee IDs (kortansvarlig)
  • Front office, mail, the archives, e-Phorte, maintaining all e-mail lists and is the library contact person
  • SEBRA contact person
  • Contact person for LYDIA
  • Contact person for HSE Non-Conformities
  • Provides support for planning and carrying out HSE activities such as Soup Days, house parties, HSE-Days, etc. 
  • Various administrative duties
  • Room booking, including the Centre's seminar room
  • Assisting the Center's Director and Head of Administration

Idunn Tandstad is a Senior Executive Officer, employed in a 100% position. Idunn is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Study administration
  • Administratively responsible for the courses in in Theory of science and ethics at all faculties except HF.
  • Administrative responsible for research education for our own Ph.D. candidates
  • PhD Coordinator

From June 2020, Idunn is on maternity leave, and Sigrid Sandal is her substitute in this period.

The financial consultants are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Financial management: budgeting, accounting and reports on the Center’s finances and on BOA: external projects.
  • Travel Bills: authorizer PAGA
  • Reimbursement of expenses: authorizer
  • Processes incoming invoices Basware
  • Processes outgoing invoices
  • Fees, allowances and timesheets
  • External projects: BOA: areas: EU, NFR and others
  • Development and carrying out of projects in the PA (project account)
  • Contact person for credit cards.
  • Tax Cards for foreign guests: contact person
  • Other administrative duties

Employment opportunities

1. Jobbnorge

For employment opportunities all over Norway and UiB. See more at jobbnorge.no.

2. STS-GRAD mailing list (worldwide)

The list represents an international network of junior scholars interested in Science and Technology Studies. It circulates information about conferences, publication opportunities, and jobs, establishes links among scholars with similar interests, and offers a forum for discussion. You need a Google account to be a member.

Here is the website if you want to check it out.

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