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EU funding

Project Establishment Support (PES)

The PES scheme is designed to relieve the cost burden related to the preparation of project proposals to HEurope.

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The PES scheme at UiB supports the following category:

PES-Project establishment funding (PES)

  • PES funding is granted to researchers who are in the process of writing an application to Horizon Europe.
  • PES-grants will be transferred to the Faculties based on the number of HEurope applications that are registered as sent in Liv-Grethe Gudmundsen´s project overview. 
  • PES-support related to HEurope applications will only be triggered if the submitted project proposal is formally approved (eligible) by the EU.
  • Unused PES-funds may be used the following year.

PES grants cover expenses in relation to:

  • Travel, accomodation and meeting costs. 
  • Procurement of external assistance and consultation. Ordering external consultation must be done by a purchaser at your institute. UiB has signed a framework agreement for pre-award services
  • Compensation/refund for work done in relation to a spesific HEurope-application. The compensation/refund will go to the institute and not to the researcher.
  • Cost of partner search/establishment of project consortium.
  • Search in patent databases.

The Research Council of Norway offers free external consultancy services from PNO to HEU applicants for grant application review or for mentoring and concept development. If you need free consultation please contact Adviser Inger Nordgard by email: inn@forskningsradet.no  Send information about call/topic, application deadline, who is part of the consortium and draft proposal (if possible) so that the Research Council of Norway can find the right PNO-consultant for you. 

The Faculties will receive the following PES-grant amounts in 2023 and 2024 for each submitted and eligible Coordinator Proposal (in NOK):

MSCA DN 75 000
MSCA PF  25 000
MSCA RISE  35 000
ERC Starting Grant  60 000
ERC Consolidator Grant  60 000
ERC Advanced Grant  60 000
ERC Synergy Grant  80 000
ERC PoC  10 000
ERC Round 2 (interview) 25 000
Research Infrastructure  75 000
RIA/IA 100 000
CSA 100 000
RIA/IA round 2 (2-trinns søknader) 30 000
EIC Pathfinder 75 000
EIC Transition 75 000
CSA Widening participation and Spreading Excellence (incl. COST) 60 000
Reforming and enhancing the European Research and Innovation system 60 000
European Partnerships (Cofund, Era-net, JPI) 50 000
Partner applications (all types) 20 000