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EU funding

Project Establishment Support (PES) and Positioning funding (POS)

The PES2020 scheme is designed to relieve the cost burden related to the preparation of project proposals to H2020/HEurope.

PES2020 scheme at UiB supports the following two categories:

  1. PES - Project Support for researchers
  2. POS - Positioning funding:
  • POS - For researchers who are positioning themselves towards a HEurope application.
  • POS - Grants to fund strategic academic measures at Faculty level.
  • POS - KHT: Competence development for researchers and EU-administrative support staff at the Faculties.

1. PES- Project establishment funding (PES)

PES funding is granted to researchers who are in the process of writing an application.

A framework grant will be transferred to the Faculties based on the number of H2020 applications that are registered as "sent" in PreAward from each Faculty by September 18, 2020 and December 4, 2020. The framework grants are calculated based on the H2020 application category, the researcher´s role in the project and the associated PES-rate.

PES support related to H2020 applications will only be triggered if the submitted project proposal is formally approved (eligible) by the EU.

Unused PES-funds may be transferred to the following year.

PES grants cover expenses in relation to:

  • Travel, accomodation and meeting costs. 
  • Procurement of external assistance and consultation. UiB has framework agreements with Innovayt and Enspire Science Ltd. Ordering external consultation must be done by a purchaser at your Institute. Suggestion/template for order forms for Enspire Science Ltd and Innovayt
  • Compensation/refund for work done in relation to a spesific H2020-application. The compensation/refund will go to the Institute and not to the researcher.
  • Cost of partner search / establishment of project consortium.
  • Search in patent databases.

The Research Council offers free external consultancy services to prospective Norwegian applicants to determine whether their EU application is viable. The Research Council has contracted PNO Consultants, a firm used by a number of companies and widely recognised European research institutions, to help to review Norwegian project concepts. For more information: https://www.forskningsradet.no/en/apply-for-funding/international-funding/Apply-Horizon2020-funding/Assistance-writing-proposals/
Contact the National Contact Points in your respective area for information on what kind of assistance is available.

The Faculties will receive the following PES-grant amounts for each submitted and eligible Coordinator Proposal (in NOK):
MSCA ITN 75 000

MSCA IF 15 000

MSCA RISE 30 000


FET Open, Proactive and Flagships 75 000

ERC Starting Grant 50 000

ERC Consolidator Grant 50 000

ERC Advanced Grant 50 000
ERC Synergy Grant 50 000

ERC Round 2   25 000
Industrial leadership 75 000

Research Infrastructures 75 000

Societal Challenges 100 000,  Round 2. 30 000
Science with and for Society 50 000
COST Actions  50 000

InnovFin instruments - EU Finance for Innovators 30 000
ERA Net COFUND  30 000

Partner applications receive NOK 15 000

2. POS- Positioning funding

Please note: The deadline for using Positioning funding granted in 2020 is December 10, 2020. Unused POS-funds cannot be used the following year.

Positioning funding is divided into 3 categories:

1. POS - Positioning funding for researchers who are positioning themselves towards a HEurope application:

  • Building relationships with leading European environments (networking) whose purpose is to identify potential partners for future H2020/HEurope projects.
  • Participation in arenas that contribute towards influencing the European research and innovation agenda (strategic work).
  • Short-term positioning to build new partnerships/join existing consortiums.

2. POS - Grants to fund strategic academic measures at Faculty level:

  • Participation in European strategy networks and forums.
  • Interdisciplinary events in Bergen, with participation from the EU Commission or other relevant EU organizations.
  • Study trips and delegation trips to Brussels.

3. POS - Competence development funding for researchers and the EU administrative support staff at the Faculties.

This includes participation at H2020/HEurope seminars, workshops and conferences both nationally and internationally. The course program for the competence activity for which funding is sought must be submitted with the application.

Application process for POS funding in 2020:

  • The Faculty application deadline for POS-grants for 2020: December 1, 2019. NOTE: Faculties may have an additional deadline for POS-funding in year 2020.
  • The faculties process the applications from their departments.

Final report:

  • Researchers who received POS funding in Category 1 are required to submit a final report by January 30th 2021. The report should be maximum 1 page and planned/submitted applications to Horizon Europe should be discussed in the report.
  • The reports are gathered at each faculty and sent to the Division of Research and Innovation in ePhorte. A standard POS-report has been created for this purpose.