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Who does What? LCP - Local Contact Points and BOA experts

Overview of advisors in the BOA team with responsibility for information and work support for various research, education and innovation programs.

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Local Contact Points (LCP) for the individual programs answer general questions about the research program, policy documents, positioning, arranging meetings/courses and other questions. For more information on work programmes click on the program names below.

Horizon Europe

LEAR: Liv-Grethe Gudmundsen (FIA)

Pillar 1 Excellent Research

ERC (StG, CoG, AdG, SyG)

Expert team ERC

Katie Anders (LCP, FIA), Jutta Schloon (FIA), Hege Dysvik HøilandHenriette Gallefoss (leave) (ØKA), Åshild Nylund (KA)

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

Expert team COFUND

Corina Guder (LCP, FIA), Alisa Hodzic, Henriette Gallefoss (leave), Renate Krokås (ØKA), Jill Opsahl, Lise Engelbreth (HR), Åshild Nylund (KA)

Expert team Postdoctoral Fellowships

Ingunn Voster (LCP, FIA), Corina Guder (FIA), Alisa HodzicHenriette Gallefoss (leave) and Renate Krokås (ØKA), Jill OpsahlLise Engelbreth (HR), Åshild Nylund (KA) 

Expert team Doctoral Networks & Staff Exchanges

Emmanuel Babatunde (LCP, FIA), Alisa HodzicRenate Krokås (ØKA), Jill OpsahlLise Engelbreth (HR), Åshild Nylund (KA)

European Research Infrastructures 

Expert team RI

Erik Sandquist (LCP, FIA), Yves Aubert (FIA), Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA), Alexander Oltu (ITA), Marta Eide (UB)

Pillar 2  Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness

Cluster 1 Health 

Corina Guder (LCP, FIA), Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA)

Cluster 2 Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society 

Jutta Schloon (LCP, FIA), Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA) 

Cluster 3  Civil Security for Society 

Katie Anders (LCP, FIA),  Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA) 

Cluster 4 Digital, Industry and Space  

Hiwa Målen (LCP, FIA), Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA)

Cluster 5 Climate, Energy and Mobility

Cecilie Nordbotten (LCP, FIA), Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA) 

Cluster 6 Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment

Emmanuel Babatunde (LCP, FIA), Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA) 

For coordinator projects in Pillar II, LCP will form a support team with resources from FIA, ØKA, UB, KA, ITA. 

Pillar 3  Innovative Europe

European Innovation Council

Yves Aubert (LCP, FIA)

European Innovation Ecosystems

Yves Aubert (LCP, FIA)

European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Yves Aubert (LCP, FIA)

Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area

Reforming and Enhancing the European R&I system

Expert team: NN (LCP, FIA), Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA)

Widening participation and spreading excellence

Expert team: Emmanuel Babatunde (LCP, FIA), Jutta Schloon (FIA), Hege Dysvik Høiland (ØKA), 

The Research Council of Norway

Norwegian Centres of Excellence (SFF)

Expert team SFF: Corina Guder (LCP, FIA), Mari Knudsen (ØKA), Åshild Nylund KA, Alexander Oltu ITA, Marta Eide UB, Janne Marie Solheimslid (HR), Roger Strand (SVT)

Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI)

Expert team SFI/FME: Yves Aubert (LCP, FIA), Lilit Mailyan (FIA), Mari Knudsen ØKA, Åshild Nylund (KA), Alexander Oltu (ITA), Marta Eide (UB)

Research Infrastructure

Expert team INFRA: Erik Sandquist (LCP), Yves AubertHiwa Målen (FIA), Alexander Oltu (ITA), Marta Eide (UB)

KSP-Kompetanse og samarbeidsprosjekter 

Expert team KSP: Dag Hellesund (LCP, FIA), Siri Skjerping (maternity leave), Atle Alden (ØKA)

Trond Mohn Foundation (TMF)

Trond Mohn Foundation

Expert team TMF: Jutta Schloon (LCP, FIA),  Emmanuel Babatunde (FIA), Åshild Nylund (KA)


Expert team NORHED II : Kristin Svartveit (LCP, FIA), Margrethe Bakstad Søvik  (FIA), Renate Krokås (ØKA)