Norwegian Centres of Excellence

Norwegian Centres of Excellence (CoE)

National Centres of Excellence are a stamp of quality in academic research.

At present the UiB has 5 centres running, as follows (start-end year in parenthesis):

  1. Center for Geobiology (2008-2017)
  2. Birkeland Center for Space Science (2013-2022)
  3. Center for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health (2013-2022)
  4. Center for Cancer markers (2013-2022)
  5. Centre for Early Sapiens Behaviour (2017-2026)

Below you will find the links to the centres homepages

UiB is also partner in a CoE coordinated by UiO: The Norwegian Centre for research on mental illnesses -NORMENT

In the period 2003-2013  UiB coordinated the following centres: Bjerknes centre for climate research, Center for integrated petroleum research and the Centre for Medieval Studies.

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