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Center for Digital Narrative

Humanities-driven research in electronic literature, games studies, digital culture, and computation to advance understanding of digital narrative.

CDN focuses on algorithmic narrativity, new environments and materialities, and shifting cultural contexts. We will investigate how the interactions of human authors with non-human agents result in new narrative forms, how the materiality of digital narratives have changed, and how cultural contexts are reshaping the use and function of digital narrative.

Center for Digital Narrative
In the picture, from left to right: Kristine Jørgensen, Scott Rettberg, Jill Walker Rettberg, and Joseph Tabbi

Partners and people

International research leaders in Digital Narrative working together as a team.

Center for Digital Narrative
World Wide Digital Narratives


Multifaceted interdisciplinary research to understand the relationship between narrative, digital technologies, and the globalized network society.

Center for Digital Narrative
Research Areas: algorithmic narrativity, new environments , and shifting cultural contexts.

Research goals

To provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary understanding of the aesthetic and societal effects of new forms of digital narrative.

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New book on Pre-Web Digital Publishing and the Lore of Electronic Literature

CDN Principal Investigator, Dr. Astrid Ensslin, ventures a deep-dive into the early history of digital creative writing and publishing



This is a proposed Centre of Excellence – Senter for fremragende forskning – from the University of Bergen.