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Humanities-driven research in electronic literature, games studies, digital culture, and computation to advance understanding of digital narrative.

CDN is a Norwegian Centre of Research Excellence funded by the Norwegian Research Council from 2023-2033. CDN focuses on algorithmic narrativity, new environments and materialities, and shifting cultural contexts. We will investigate how the interactions of human authors with non-human agents result in new narrative forms, how the materiality of digital narratives have changed, and how cultural contexts are reshaping the use and function of digital narrative.

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CDN is hiring: open positions

The Center for Digital Narrative has open positions now!

Centre of Research Excellence
Jill og Scott Rettberg

The Center for Digital Narrative has been awarded the status of Centre of Excellence

The Center for Digital Narrative (CDN) has been awarded the status of Center of Research Excellence. The center will investigate new forms of digital narrative in electronic literature, digital games, social media and AI-driven storytelling.

Center for Digital Narrative
Professor IIs planned for Centre for digital Narratives

Meet the professor IIs at Center for Digital Narrative

Read on for an overview of the works, interests, and specialties of the external professors affiliated with the department’s Center for Digital Narrative.

Research grants
Scott Rettberg og Ingrid Halland

Millions granted to humanities research

Professor Scott Rettberg and associate professor Ingrid Halland receive 12 million each from the Research Council of Norway for projects at the intersection between technology and aesthetics.

Research Council of Norway

Receives millions for project about masculinity and gaming

Professor Kristine Jørgensen and the Department of Information Science and Media Studies receives NOK 12 million from the Research Council of Norway to do research on men's subjective experiences of games as a gendered arena and thereby create better insight into how men experience the increased...



This is a proposed Centre of Excellence – Senter for fremragende forskning – from the University of Bergen.