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Listen to Off Center season 2

The Center for Digital Narrative (CDN) launched summer 2023 and its research projects have been set in motion. The podcast series ‘Off Center’ shares the research from CDN with an international audience.

Off Center – a podcast from the Center for Digital Narrative, season 2
The topics in the podcast series will range from game studies to AI to VR to new forms of electronic literature that are emerging in digital media.
Valeria Acosta, CDN/UiB

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In each episode, Scott Rettberg is joined by a researcher from the centre or other academics in the field for an interesting discussion of their expertise.

The discussions in the series are easy to follow and suitable for anyone interested in the field of digital narrativity. Each episode shines a light on another aspect of the field, making them suitable to listen to in any preferred order.

Episode 20: AI Essayistic with Mario Aquilina

In this new episode of the podcast Off Center, Scott Rettberg is joined by Mario Aquilina, Associate Professor of English at the University of Malta. They discuss the definition of essay, the effects of AI on essays and whether there is an AI essayistic.

Episode 19: Critical Software Art with Ben Grosser

In this episode of Off Center, Scott Rettberg is joined by Ben Grosser, a professor of New Media at the University of Illinois. Ben is a well-known software artist who critically approaches digital media and platforms in his work.

Episode 18: Speculative Design with Sarah Edmands Martin

This time on Off Center, Scott Rettberg is joined by Sarah Edmands Martin, a designer and researcher at the University of Notre Dame. Her research takes place at the intersection of visual communication design, critical fabulation, and media aesthetics. In this episode they discuss speculative design.

Episode 17: Transgressive Games and Understanding Male Gamers with Kristine Jørgensen

In this episode Scott Rettberg is joined by Kristine Jørgensen, professor of media studies and PI at the Center for Digital Narrative. They talk about male gaming culture, transgressive games, and understanding male gamers.

Episode 16: Alternate Reality Games with Patrick Jagoda

Scott Rettberg and Patrick Jagoda, professor at the university of Chicago, and cofounder of the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab and the Transmedia Story Lab, talk about alternate reality games and transmedia storytelling in this episode of Off Center. They talk about games Patrick has been working on.

Episode 15: Surveillance Microcosms with Mathias Klang

A new episode of Off Center in which Scott and Mathias Klang, a lawyer and professor at Fordham University, talk about surveillance microcosms and how spying is shaping our lives.

In this episode, Scott and Jhave, a previous guest on Off Center, give the first 5-minute AI update.

Episode 14: Machine Vision with Jill Walker Rettberg 

In this second episode of season two, Scott is joined by Jill Walker Rettberg, co-director of the Center for Digital Narrative to talk about her book on Machine Vision and how algorithms are changing the way we see the world.

Episode 13: Creative AI with David Jhave Johnston

In this first episode of season two, Scott is joined by David Jhave Johnston, digital poet, videographer, and motion graphics artist. Together they talk about digital poetry, cyborg authorship, and the use of AI for content creation.