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Digital Culture students awarded with New Media Writing Prizes

Florence Walker og Emma Husa wins – and several others nominated.

Screenshot from "I Dreamt of Something Lost" by Florence Walker
Screenshot from "I Dreamt of Something Lost" by Florence Walker
Florence Walker

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New Media Writing Prize is a global prize honouring the world's best new interactive fictions and 'indie' literature games. They describe the winners as "cutting edge, exemplar works, which one might suppose demonstrate the best of everything that new-media storytelling can offer".

Florence Walker won the Chris Meade Memorial Main Prize, with her work «I Dreamt of Something Lost», her master project in Digital Culture. Emma Husa, won the student prize with her work «Polterkicks».

"The Digital Culture program has been making a concerted effort to include aesthetic and creative digital skilling in our classrooms, and we are teaching students how cultural theory and aesthetic application work together in digital fields," says Krauth.

"As part of that, students explore digital creativity by building their own video games, interactive fictions, and creative websites."

"We want them to make artworks to be proud of"

Digital Culture student Vegard Fotland was also shortlisted for the student prize. Fotland, Husa and Walker created their projects as part of Digital Culture courses. Soon-to-be Professor of Digital Culture at UiB, David Wright, was also shortlisted for the main prize with his cooperators Louis Pratt, Karen Lowry, and Chris Arnold.

Coordinator for the Digital Culture programme at UiB, Jason Nelson, want the students to extend their creative process outside of the class rooms. He sees the best communities for digital art and writing blur the boundaries between teaching and research,  connecting the courses in Digital Culture with the world-leading researchers in the Center for Digital Narrative:

"Our goal is to inspire students to find their own creative path and uncover new artistic digital tools," he says.

"Then we want them to make artworks they are proud of, and to send those artistic works out into the world!"

All the shortlisted works are archived for the future by The British Library. Thursday May 23rd at 12.00, there will be a small celebration of the prizes in the CDN at Langes gate 1-3.