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CDN Lunch: Book presentation – "Methods for understanding media use"

Brita Ytre-Arne and Hallvard Moe discusses their new book.

"Metoder for å forstå mediebruk"

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Ytre-Arne and Moe will present their book in English.

From the publisher: "Media and media technology shape society - but how can we understand what media means in people's lives? This book provides an in-depth look at methods for understanding media use, an exciting field of research that is close and relevant to most people.

Perhaps you wonder how the mobile phone has changed everyday life, why some people are not interested in news, how gaming creates community, or what happens in public debate in social media? To gain insight into such questions, we need methods adapted to research on communication in a digital society.

This book explains how established and new methods can be used to research media use. The methods and data types in the book include interview techniques, media diaries, digital trace data, fieldwork and digital ethnography. The book follows you through a research process, from formulation of the problem and research design, to data collection, analysis and dissemination, all the way with regard to ethics and privacy.

Based on situations students and researchers encounter, the book provides both an introduction and deepening, practical advice and support for making independent choices. Methods for understanding media use are suitable for students at bachelor's and master's level, and for researchers who will carry out small and large projects on media use."