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Studenter Media City Bergen

The Department of Information Science and Media Studies is the result of a merger between the two former entities – The Department of Information Science and The Department of Media Studies. The two disciplines joined forces in 2004 against a technological backdrop where convergence within various media and communication forms called for increasingly interdisciplinary research. Core research efforts at the Department includes the study of information and communication technologies, their social and historical developments, their institutional contexts, their contents and their use(r)s.

New book
Virtual Reality

What are the prospects of immersive journalism?

How will news stories be told with new technologies such as 360 degree video, virtual reality and augmented reality? What are the opportunities for new, groundbreaking stories, and what ethical issues are put into in flux? That is amongst the questions asked by researchers at the University of...

Open lecture with
Miriam Metzger

Miriam Metzger on credibility

The Research group for rhetoric, democracy and public culture (Infomedia) in co-operation with DIGSSCORE invited to an open talk on credibility by professor Miriam Metzger (UC Santa Barbara) on the 3rd of December.

BSRS 2020
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BSRS 2020 was organized as a virtual research school

Virtual PhD course a success

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BSRS 2020 was organized as a virtual research school.

Demo for studentene på MIX301

Master students make artificial speech robots

Students in the Master in Media and Interaction Design programme at UiB in Media City Bergen presented their artificial speech prototypes. The result is: Robot Buddy, Easysleep, Masebotten and Albert the kitchen assistant.

Research profile
Associate Professor DI Dr Christoph Trattner, BSc

Research profile: Christoph Trattner

Dr. Christoph Trattner is an Associate Professor at the University of Bergen in the Information Science & Media Studies Department. His research lies in two central specializations in the information science research field. The first is “Behavioral Analytics” and the second is “Intelligent...