Doctoral Education (PhD)

Gruppeportrett av frå doktorpromosjonen i Muséhagen

The University of Bergen has an international profile and offer opportunities to conduct both traditional and cross-disciplinary research as a part of the doctoral education.

We offer PhD education within the humanitieslawmathematics and natural sciencesmedicinepsychology, and social sciences

Read pro-rector Margareth Hagen's greeting to the PhD candidates of UiB.

Photo from Doctorate promotion ceremony, April 2016.

Traditional ceremony for the new doctorates

69 new doctorates were honoured in the University Aula on 26 August 2016.

The Phd Interview
Lila Nath Sharma

Food production and forest exploitation can be combined

Researcher Lila Nath Sharma’s thesis shows that the conservation of biodiversity, food production and forest exploitation is possible to integrate in the same geographical area, but only by a broad environmental and biogeographic approach.

Sarah Uffelmann

Wittgenstein: The poetic philosopher

Sarah Uffelmann Szeltner has investigated the concept of grammar in Ludwig Wittgenstein´s writing. – He wrote like a poet, Szeltner says.

A THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE: Håkon Otneim felt a need to learn more after finishing his Masters’s thesis. A PhD presented him with new challenges.

Problems are there to be solved

A thirst for knowledge was Håkon Otneim’s motivation to get a PhD. The mathematical statistics method he created through his PhD can solve problems within most disciplines.

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Bergen Summer Research School

The Bergen Summer Research School targets PhD students, junior staff, and researchers and takes an interdisciplinary approach to global development challenges.