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PhD programme in Law

The Faculty of Law offers an ambitious programme for doctoral education, leading to a PhD degree. On this page you will find information about admission, courses, rules and regulations.

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PhD programme in Law

The Faculty of Law offers the PhD programme in Law. For a periode of three or four years, PhD candidates will write a thesis and conduct a mandatory training program. The mandatory training program has a scope of 30 ECTS, which equals one semester full-time study. 

Content and courses

The faculty offers two courses; Baseline for legal methods (10 ECTS) and Perspective line: Legal and academic theory, ethics, legal pluralism and perspectives subjects (10 ECTS). In addition to these two mandatory courses, candidates shall participate in other research activities, such as project presentations at conferences, workshops etc., equivalent to 10 ECTS. Nordic elective courses can be found via the web portal JurForskNordic.



In order to become eligible for admission and enrol as a PhD candidate, you must first have secured funding that covers both living costs and the costs relating to the research project for the entire doctoral training period. This could be a university fellowship of three or four years, a three-year scholarship from the Research Council of Norway or another external funding source.

At the Faculty of Law, most PhD candidates hold positions as PhD fellows ("stipendiat") during their doctoral training period, usually of 3 or 4 years duration. When a  position is available, it will be advertised on our website www.uib.no/jur. To submit an application to an advertised position, you must provide all the required information via the website JobbNorge (there will be a link in the advert).

Please note that admission is only possible after you have documented sufficient funding to cover the costs relating to the doctoral training period, or have been appointed to a PhD fellowship.


In order to be admitted and enrolled as a PhD candidate at the University of Bergen, you must meet the following requirements and have:

  • an approved educational qualification (Master's degree or equivalent). Applicants with education from outside Norway must enclose certified translation into English or Scandinavian if the original diploma and transcripts is in any of these languages. The applicant must also enclose an approval from NOKUT. Please see www.nokut.no for information regarding general approval of education. 
  • sufficient financing for living costs and the research project
  • suggested supervisors
  • an approved project description, which is a research plan often developed in cooperation with potential supervisors
  • a plan for the training component: PhD-courses and presentations at conferences etc.
  • a research field for the PhD studies in which UiB professors have research interests and qualifications for supervision  

Admission is dependent on your being selected on the basis of your merits as a student, your work experience, publications and project description. Further information, including Handbook for doctoral education (PhD) at UIB, regulations, can be found on the University of Bergen's PhD portal.   

If you have funding/employment and only wish to apply for admission, send your application to: Det juridiske fakultet v/Forskningsutvalget, Postboks 7806, 5020 Bergen, Norway


Overview of formal requirements and application form, can be found here

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