Faculty of Law

Research at The Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law has a dynamic and modern research environment with an increasing international representation.


Forskergruppen for konkurranse og markedsrett
Competition and Market Law research group is one of several research groups at the faculty

Fields of expertise

We offer the foremost expertise in the fields of Criminal law and Criminal justice. In addition, many of our senior researchers are devoted to Tort law, Constitutional law, EU and EEC law, Human Rights law, Welfare law, Administrative law, Environnmental law and Legal culture.

Long-term priorities

In the years to come the Faculty will prioritise long-term enhancement of resources for the following specialised areas: Criminal law and Criminal justice, Competition and market law and Law of obligations and property rights.

Central to our pursuits is a focus on law and its interaction with modern legislation and regulation - including the international level. An example of a vibrant research programme is The functionality of the criminal justice system, with special focus on the areas of police law and criminal procedure.

Moreover, our faculty currently coordinates several interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research programmes, including Constitution, welfare state and citizenship, which explores the legal and political interplay between the Constitution and the development of the Norwegian welfare state.

Research groups

The faculty is organised in research groups and hosts several research projects and programmes both within and across the different research groups. Our research policy encourages collaborative research, teamwork and interdisciplinary joint efforts.