Faculty of Law

Health and safety and the environment (HSE)

The overall objective of The Faculty of Law is to carry out research, education and dissemination of research results of a high academic value. The Faculty considers a good and safe learning and working environment as an important input factor to achieve these objectives. The Faculty must have good HSE competence and clarity in the organisation of the HSE work.

In case of fire or the fire alarm sounding:

  • ALERT by using the fire alarm
  • Call the fire services on 110
  • Try to SAVE
  • Close doors and windows
  • EVACUATE to the fire assembly point
  • Follow the instructions of the fire safety officer
  • Do not use lifts

Fire safety officer at the Faculty: Henning Simonsen

ICE Defibrillator

The Faculty has two defibrillators placed in the communal areas:

  • Alongside the entrance door to the office area in the common area on the 4th floor.
  • Alongside the photocopier in JUSSII.

Responsible for CPR (defibrillator): Lars Petter Holgersen  

Local HSE activities

Supreme HSE officers at the faculty:

Dean: Asbjørn Strandbakken
Faculty Director: Øystein L. Iversen
Section Manager: Birgit Falch

HSE committee

This committee supports the Faculty management in HSE related cases and ensures progress of the systematic HSE work at the Faculty.
The committee is comprised as follows:

  • Faculty management: Birgit Falch
  • Chief safety officer and the safety officer for the staff of the administration: Sigrid Haugros
  • Deputy safety officer for the staff of the administration: Bente Rosnes
  • Safety officer for the scientific staff and deputy chief safety officer: Tine Eidsvaag
  • Secretary and HSE coordinator: Anita H. Garden

Vivian Gjelsvik carries out safety inspection rounds together with the safety officers.