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About the faculty

The Faculty of Law is located in the centre of Bergen, overlooking the Bergen fjord.

At the Faculty of Law we focus on high quality research and teaching within a variety of legal areas. Our international profile is reflected both in research activities and in the substantial number of students which we have the pleasure of welcoming every semester. It is also seen in the number of students from our Faculty travelling abroad.

Citizen or refugee

Who is (un)protected by the law?

– Migration is an important field of law because legal status makes an enormous difference. If you have status as ‘citizen’ you are protected by the law in a completely different way than refugees and migrants.

bilde av ignacio herrera anchustegui

UiB-researchers with great contributions to The Routledge Handbook of Energy Law

- Globalization and climate change has caused a convergence in the energy world. In this book, we aim to discuss energy law in a global context, says Ignacio Herrera-Anchustegui, associate professor at the Faculty of Law, UiB.

BSRS 2020
BSRS live

Bergen Summer Research School goes digital

Bergen Summer Research School opened 8 June with a record number of participants. Together with some of Bergen's best research milieus, they will explore how their research can contribute to solving global challenges. This year they meet online - watch the many public lectures on YouTube.

Summer school - CANCELLED

Maritime BERGEN Law Summer Programme - CANCELLED

Due to the current corona pandemic the world is facing, we have no choice but to cancel the Maritime BERGEN Law Summer Programme 2020. ...

Offshore wind parks:
vindturbiner til havs

Out of the blue and into the green

Norway has some of the best wind resources in Europe and an oil and gas industry with a history spanning almost 50 years. We have the technology required for developing offshore wind farms. So why are we hesitating?

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