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Doktorgrad i juss uib

The Faculty of Law is located in the centre of Bergen, overlooking the Bergen fjord.

At the Faculty of Law we focus on high quality research and teaching within a variety of legal areas. Our international profile is reflected both in research activities and in the substantial number of students which we have the pleasure of welcoming every semester. It is also seen in the number of students from our Faculty travelling abroad.

Screenshot from one of the sessions at the virtual Warsaw Science Diplomacy School in June 2020.

Science diplomacy for global challenges

Postdoctoral Fellow Joanna Siekiera reports on a new summer school educating the science diplomats of the future, with participation from around the world.


New course on armed conflict

Law of Armed Conflict, with emphasis on maritime operations, is a new post graduate course, staring up autumn 2021. The course will focus on maritime military operations.

Esmeralda Colombo. Climate litigation.

– International law is a door opener for national climate change cases

“International law is arguably helping domestic courts deal with the exceptionality of climate change in access to justice matters,” says Esmeralda Colombo at The faculty of Law, University of Bergen. She recently delivered her PhD thesis on the subject. Read interview with Colombo here.

Criminal insanity| Psychosis
Psykose, Utilregnelighet, UiB.

Expanding understanding of the relationship between criminal insanity and psychosis

How and why does psychosis play a role when defining someone as criminally insane and lacking capacity for responsible action? Professor Linda Gröning at The Faculty of Law has been given 12 million NOK from The Research Council of Norway to learn more about the nuances of this question.

Postdoctoral Fellow Joanna Siekiera from the University of Bergen at a science diplomacy workshop in Bergen in February 2020.

Taking water diplomacy to the ocean science decade

At the Diplomacy 2.0 event, Joanna Siekiera from the University of Bergen spoke on the subject of water diplomacy as a field of science diplomacy.