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Legal scholar Tova Bennet and philosopher Raffaele Rodogno have started in positions in the DIMENSIONS-project.
Postdoctoral fellow and leader of the research group, Ingrid Margrethe Halvorsen Barlund, will be part of a government-appointed committee that will review and assess the Norwegian Act on Financial Supervision
The July 22 case raised an extensive discussion about criminal insanity and mental illness, which led to legislative changes from 2020. But there are still ambiguities that can only be resolved through research, according to law professor Linda Gröning at UiB.
Law professor Linda Gröning, psychiatrist Unn K. Haukvik and philosopher Susanna Radovic sheds light on delusions and insanity. The goal is a common understanding across disciplines which will result in better judicial decisions.
Law of Armed Conflict, with emphasis on maritime operations, is a new post graduate course, staring up autumn 2021. The course will focus on maritime military operations.
“International law is arguably helping domestic courts deal with the exceptionality of climate change in access to justice matters,” says Esmeralda Colombo at The faculty of Law, University of Bergen. She recently delivered her PhD thesis on the subject. Read interview with Colombo here.
The first joint article from the Pandemic Centre as a unit has now been published in Scandinavian Journal of Public Health.
Members of the research group, Ingunn Elise Myklebust and Ernst Nordtveit, participated on May 20 in a discussion on the Supreme Court's recent ruling on the wolf case.
The research group had a successful workshop on wind energy in April with the student group Enviro.
Four distinguished data protection experts will hold guest lectures this semester. Lectures are open to all interested students.
Eddy Wifa, Lecturer at the University of Aberdeen is guest lecturer in the Law of the Sea and its Uses course
Senior Lecturer James Prest from the Australian National Univesity presents some reflections on the Australian and European Hydrogen strategies.
Read Sören Kochs new blog post on the blog of British Association of Comparative Law.
Four distinguished data protection experts will hold guest lectures this semester. Lectures are open to all interested students.
Over the past decade, China has emerged as a large actor on the African continent – primarily through trade, investment and as provider of development finance. But China is increasingly also playing a more direct political role.
Three members of our Research Group took part in the Day Zero of the widely known SDG Conference Bergen 2021.