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Investors and regulators are looking at hydrogen as a promising low-carbon solution for the energy sector. To ensure support for the related technologies, the EU seeks to introduce some common approaches.
The project PRE-DECOR, lead by Gunnar Eskeland and Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, receives NOK 320 000 in funding.
Postdoctoral Fellow Joanna Siekiera is co-investigator in the University of Southampton led new WUN project, Global comparative assessment of the role of oceans in a sustainable future.
Clara Juul Holm is a PhD-student from The University of Copenhagen. This article gives a short review about her research stay at The University of Bergen.
The first task assigned to the Criminal Law Commission from the government was to evaluate rules affecting participation and recruitment to criminal gangs and organizations, including reform in the rules relating to the recovery or confiscation of proceeds of crime. The evaluations made by the Commission will hopefully add an increased quality to the legislative process and generally for legal... Read more