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Offshore wind farms can “steal” the capacity of other farms by up to 20 percent up to 50 kilometres away, due to wake loss. The regulation is ambiguous and needs to be developed to accommodate large-scale offshore wind development in the North Sea and other ocean areas, according to PhD Candidate Eirik Finseraas at the Faculty of Law, University of Bergen.
In collaboration with the Norwegian School of Economics and the Norwegian Tax Authorities, the Faculty of Law invited around 100 participants to a new Tax Law Conference. This time, the conference delved into new, topical issues within taxation.
Solstrand became a hub for tax law discourse when the Faculty of Law at the University of Bergen, in collaboration with the Norwegian School of Economics and the Norwegian Tax Authorities, hosted a two-day seminar for 20 European PhD students specializing in tax law.
Did you miss our half-day seminar on European Electricity Market Design for the Future, co-organized by Bergen Energy Lab / NHH Norwegian School of Economics? Watch the presentations here!
In this presentation, Jonathan Økland Torstensen, associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, present ongoing work on optimization of hydrogen production through hydrolysis of water and pyrolysis of natural gas respectively, and discusses aspects of the two methods and their potential utillity in large scale hydrogen production.
In this presentation, Per-Oddvar Osland discusses how customer flexibility can contribute to solving challenges related to the increased pressure on the power grid, such as power peaks. The presentation will be held in Norwegian language.
"There is a great need for research on EU and EEA law," says Minister of Labour and Inclusion, Marte Mjøs Persen. The Minister was speaking at the opening of UiB's new Centre for the Europeanization of Norwegian Law, CENTENOL.
CENTENOL members contribute with updates on the commentary edition on the Immigration Act (Utlendingsloven),