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Det juridiske fakultet
Magnus Halsnes

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The Faculty of Law is situated on the hillside on the Bergen University Campus, overlooking the city centre. From Magnus Lagabøtes Square, the Faculty of Law building’s scenic views include the Bergen fjord, and we are located within walking distance of most attractions in the city centre.

Law studies at the University of Bergen were introduced in 1969, while the Faculty of Law was established in 1980.


The Faculty of Law in Bergen rests on historic soil. Bergen was the capital of Norway in the 13th century. King Haakon Haakonson and later his son king Magnus VI ruled the country.

From the 13th century Bergen housed one of four regional courts in Norway. The laws from the courts were compiled into the Norwegian National Code of 1274. The laws were put into writing at the castle in Bergen by King Magnus VI, also known as Magnus Lagabøter ("Magnus the Law Mender").

The Faculty of Law is today located on Magnus Lagabøtes plass 1.