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The UiB Alumni network is your opportunity to stay tuned and connected with the university. Become a member and you will receive invitations to alumni events and interesting lectures.

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Alumni of the month
Ronald Semyalo

Alumni of the month: Ronald Semyalo

Ronald is the coordinator of the long-lasting cooperation between UiB and Makerere and a former PhD student at UiB. He tells us about the situation with COVID19 in Uganda and how he prepares for Christmas.

Alumna of the month
Merete Nygaard

Alumna of the month: Merete Nygaard

Merete Nygaard is the CEO & Founder of Lawbotics, a young firm helping companies to streamline parts of the legal processes. In this interview she tells us how she went from being an attorney to entrepreneur.

Alumni of the month
Håkon Midthun Kolstø

Alumni of the month: Håkon Midthun Kolstø

As part of his PhD in Space Plasma Physics at the University of Bergen, Håkon is currently working at NASA contributing to make space journeys safe for astronauts.


UiB launches European campaign for frontier research

The University of Bergen has launched a European campaign to influence EU's long-term budget for research, through a petition and an open letter to European leaders.