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UiB Alumni Network

Former students and graduates from the University of Bergen work at all levels, in both the private and public sectors, in Norway and internationally.

Some faculties and institutes at UiB organize alumni gatherings. Contact your faculty/department/centre to learn more about what is offered.

You can also read interviews with some of our alumni about their study period, career choices, and experiences with UiB education in the workforce.

Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to stay updated on what's happening at UiB. We often have events that are open to the public, where all former students are welcome!

Contact us at alumni@uib.no if you have questions or suggestions.


Alumna of the month
Merete Nygaard

Alumna of the month: Merete Nygaard

Merete Nygaard is the CEO & Founder of Lawbotics, a young firm helping companies to streamline parts of the legal processes. In this interview she tells us how she went from being an attorney to entrepreneur.