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Christmas Concert
Dec 16

Welcome to Our Lunch Break Christmas Concert!

UiB Alumni invites you to the yearly Christmas Concert at the Universitetsaulaen. This year's concert will be on Monday the 16th of December.

Alumni of the month
Kent Zehetner

Alumni of the month: Kent Zehetner

Visionary investor and advisor, thanks to his education at UiB in Economics and Information Science, he has learned to recognize the potential in companies and how to guide them to success. Now he looks back at his time as a student and sees what has shapen him into the professional he is today.


30 years of UiB-Mak Alumni in a nutshell

During the 30-year celebrations of the cooperation between Makerere University (Mak), Uganda and the University of Bergen (UiB), we had the opportunity to meet and interview a group of prominent Mak-UiB Alumni. All had a story to share about how their experience at UiB had helped to shape their...

Alumni of the month
Alumni of the month: James Zhan

Alumni of the month: James Zhan

James is a lifelong-learner with multiple degrees and executive courses from universities spread across four continents. With working experience from Google, Twitter and most recently Facebook, he has a clear view on how to set yourself up for a career of success.