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Environmental considerations were the main subject for discussion among the companies represented on the Deep Sea Minerals Conference which was held in Bergen on 26-27 of October this year. Research assistant Mari Bygstad was one of the participants attending as a part of her master thesis research project.
Mari is the new research assistant for the research group.
In a lunch seminar on 26 October, 2022 Barbara Bokor, PhD candidate at the UIB presented her research topic to the members of the research group to share some interesting moments of the regulatory environment on plastic and plastic pollution at international and more particularly at the EU level.
The University of Bergen (UiB) and NORCE Norwegian Research Centre have joined forces to give input to the European Commission on ocean-related research and innovation in Horizon Europe. Read the key messages here.
Our Research Group member Catalina Vallejo attended the launch of the More Than Human Rights (MOTH) Project on September 22-24 in Tarrytown, NY State (USA).
In a breakfast seminar on the 21. September 2022 at 9am, Leila Neimane from the University of Latvia shared her preliminary findings from here research project concerning effective maritime spatial planning regulation framework and implementation challenges and best practice examples from the Baltic Sea with the Research group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law