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Plastic pollution at sea and related private sector liability

In a lunch seminar on 26 October, 2022 Barbara Bokor, PhD candidate at the UIB presented her research topic to the members of the research group to share some interesting moments of the regulatory environment on plastic and plastic pollution at international and more particularly at the EU level.

Barbara presenting her work
Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui

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Barbara Bokor outlined the plastic problem itself and talked about the forthcoming new international treaty shortly. She also gave an overview of the legislative measures of the European Union that regulate plastic at its different stages and the EU plastic strategy and new initiatives. The participants asked several questions after the presentation, gave valuable feedback and had an interesting discussion concerning the problems in Barbara's project. 

Barbara’s Ph.D. project "The role of business entities in combatting marine plastic pollution" is dealing with the legal and economic aspects of marine plastic pollution. The active participation of the corporate sector is essential to reduce the impacts and costs of plastics on the environment. Therefore, the research aims to identify possible ways in how the role of the private sector could be defined and what kind of environmental regulatory instruments could be the most efficient to have bearing on their decision-making process and behavior in tackling marine plastic pollution.

Barbara holds a Master’s degree in Law and a Master’s degree in International Economy and Business. During the years she had the chance to work in different roles and workplaces both in the private and the public sector. She came to UiB from a position as a senior legal counsel/thematic lead lawyer in the field of energy law at the Hungarian Oil and Gas Company (MOL Group).