Research group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law
Research group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law

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Here you can find information on several exciting research projects related to the research group!

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There is a high degree of research activity in our research group at all time, and our members are affiliated in a range of research projects. Here you can find information on some of them.

The role of business entities in combatting marine plastic pollution

This research project deals with the regulatory framework to combat increase of plastic pollution in the oceans and is part of the research collaboration and focus of the University of Bergen in the priority areas on marine plastic, and especially in marine research.

As our knowledge about the exact implications of plastic is controversial particularly because of the complexity and difficulty of measuring long-term exposure and compounding effects therefore we need further research and enhanced measures. Several innovations and improvement efforts demonstrate potential, but these still seem to be too fragmented and uncoordinated to have a significant impact.

Marine plastic is high on the research agenda at UiB.

Offshore Energy Research Initiative

Offshore energy, renewable and hydrocarbons, is already a reality but likely to be even more present in the near future. The impetus given by the European Commission to offshore renewable energy forms is just an example of this. To promote legal research dealing with the regulation of offshore energy both in established countries, like Norway, the UK or the US, as well in developing jurisdictions, with examples such as Guyana or Mozambique. As part of the challenges brought by the energy transition, the still dependence to hydrocarbons, and the regulation of energy activities across the globes several institutions and its researchers have created this Offshore Energy Research Initiative. Read more here.

Polycentric climate governance in action: study of the interaction between Norwegian and Amazonian agricultural policy for climate change

This project is a part of the overarching LEG-ARCH project (Legal Architecture of Climate Politics) which is a collaboration project between the Faculty of law and the Faculty of social sciences. The project is led by postdoctoral researcher Cataline Vallejo. Read more on the project here.

Regulating Energy Markets, a Perspective from EU/EEA Competition and Public Procurement Law

The project is lead by Associate Professor Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui at the Faculty of Law and concerns the European regulation on energy markets. The project is funded by AkademiaAvtalen. Find more information of the project here.

Mare Nullius? Sea Level Rise and Maritime Sovereignties in the Pacific - An Expanded Anthropology of Climate Change

Find information on the project here.