Research group for Natural Resource Law, Environmental Law and Development Law


Legal structures for sustainable development 

On a Norwegian as well as and International level, access to and the management of Natural resources and the Natural environment, is crucial to economic, social and environmental development. Destruction of the environment, lack of resources and climate change threatens the biodiversity and thereby the basis for livelihood on a local as well as a global level. Development of legal structures for a strengthened and holistic protection and management of the natural environment and natural resources will be vital for the ability to provide enough food, water and energy and bring about economic and social development in the poor countries of the world. The research group activity will cover research on access to and protection of natural resources and the natural environment and of legal organisation of natural resource management and management of the natural environment as preconditions for economic and social development and for the development of the environment. The research group will have an international focus for its activity.


The members of the group are currently doing research on basic property law questions, jurisdiction and mangement of ocean areas and marine resources, legal models for ecosystem based management, petroleum and energy law, zone planning and building law, environmental impact assessments, impact of property regime and regulation on development of eco systems and impact of property system, property registration and mortgage for economic development.


The research group has obtained external funding of an internationalization program in research on property and ownership (Bergen Research Fund). Members of the research group are involved in multidisciplinary research projects in Himalaya (HimaLines) and Uganda (Matrix) funded by the Norwegian research council.



Research project
Amazon rainforest from space

Polycentric climate governance in action: study of the interaction between Norwegian and Amazonian agricultural policy for climate change

This project is a part of the overarching LEG-ARCH project (Legal Architecture of Climate Politics) which is a collaboration project between the Faculty of law and the Faculty of social sciences. The project is led by postdoctoral researcher Cataline Vallejo.