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Bergen Energy Lab is a forum for exchange of information on research results and activities related to renewable energy and energy transition.

Our mission is to share knowledge from both business world and academia. We want to encourage knowledge-based discussions and networking amongst our participants during our events, such as weekly informal lunch meetings and larger half-day seminars. These events are free of charge and open to all interested. An overview of our events can be found in the calendar

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Hydrogen and hydrogen carriers
Image of the chemical symbol H representing hydrogen written with white chalk on a green blackboardk on

February 2024: Mini-seminar series on hydrogen and hydrogen carriers

During February 2024 we offer a mini-series of three webinars dealing with hydrogen and ammonia. Join us to get valuable updates on different aspects of the current developments in hydrogen technology, economy and legislation!


WATCH: Reliable metering for custody transfer of hydrogen

This is the first of 3 webinars in a mini-series dealing with hydrogen and ammonia presented at Bergen Energy Lab in February 2024 providing valuable updates on different aspects of the current developments in hydrogen technology, economy and legislation.

Photo showing power poles in front of a few blocks of flats under a blue sky.
Jan 30

Energy Perspectives 2023

This seminar was not recorded but a similar presentation by chief economist Eirik Wærness along with much more information, can be found at the Energy Perspectives webpage at Equinor.com, see the right hand column for links.


WATCH: The challenges with big wind turbines

Did you miss Thomas Herzfelder Hansens presentation investigating the impact on engineering, manufacturing, commissioning, and farm-farm interaction due to the ongoing race for bigger turbines? Watch it here!


WATCH: Subsea Substations – Leveraging Existing Technology to Reduce Costs off Offshore Wind

Did you miss Arill Hagland's talk on OneSubsea Processing's plans for developing subsea substations for offshore wind parks? Watch it here!

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