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Here you can find an overview over past meetings and events organized by the Energy Lab, including links to presentations:























Prospects for powering past coal - Vadim Vinichenko, researcher, the CET-center 


Optimisation of wind and tidal turbine farms - David Roger Lande-Sudall, Associate Professor, HVL 

New generation of solar cell technologies - Dhayalan Velauthapillai, professor HVL

DeWindSea: Designing a refined legal framework for offshore wind in the North Sea basin - Sigrid Schutz, professor at the Faculty of Law, UiB

Hydropeaking (effektkjøring) in BKKs hydropower plants - Sigve Næss, Senior Hydropower Engineer, BKK

CCUS: Storage - challenges and solutions - Guttorm Alendal (Professor, Department of Mathematics, UiB) and partners

Net-Zero: Energy security and the future of natural gas in the UK - Michael Bradshaw from the Global Energy in the Strategy and International Business Group at Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK

Higher-order-statistics for characterization of a wind turbine wake -  Jan Bartl, Assosiate professor at HVL


CCUS: the design and production of sustainable and biocompatible polymers - Mali Husby Rosnes, Department of Chemistry, UiB

Recent Developments in U.S. Energy Law and Policy - Ross Pifer, Penn State Law (Associate Dean for Clinics & Experiential Learning and Clinical Professor of Law)

Nanofluids for Solar Energy - Boris Balakin, Høgskulen på Vestlandet

Aerodynamical optimization of airfoils and winglets for wind turbine application - Thomas Hansen from the Bergen Offshore Wind Centre


Energy Transitions, Ownership, and the City: conflicts about remunicipalisation in Germany - Sören Becker (Postdoctoral Researcher, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin)


Wake meandering effects for floating wind turbines - Adam Wise (Department of Marine Technology, NTNU)

Guided tour: "Potential exceeds demand" - Textile artist Margrethe Kolstad Brekke

The rooftop lab at UiB


The boat network - Einar Svendsen

Half-day seminar: Sustainable Marine Transport

Representation of short-term solar and wind variability in long-term energy models – a European case study - Hans-Kristian Ringkjøb (Ph.D. candidate, GFI)


Introduction to energy storage during phase change - Rune Teigland (project leader, COWI)

Participatory energy monitoring - Scott Bremer (UiB) and Patrik Oskarsson from SLU (Uppsala)

Robotization and machine learning in the energy sector - Kjartan Aarbø (Driftssjef ved BKK Varme)



Arbaheat - conversion of a coal-fired power plant to bioenergy and biorefining - Professor Tanja Barth (Department of Chemistry, UiB)

Half-day seminar: Smart Cities

Energy master students presentations, vol. II - Regine Johansen, Dag Helge Hermundsgård and Håkon Arvidsen (MS students, UiB)

The fundamentals of blockchain in the energy sector - Arne Magnus Johnsen (Senior Manager, Deloitte)



Geothermal Energy - Digging DeeperProfessor Inga Berre (Department of Mathematics, UiB)

The role of hydrogen for energy transition – Outlook from UiB - Professor Martin Fernø (Department of Physics and Technology, UiB) 

Energy Markets: A mulitidisciplinary perspective - Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui (Faculty of Law, UiB)

Synthetic liquid fuels for sustainable transportation - Lars Magne Nerheim (Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering, HVL)

Energy master student's presentation, vol. I - Even Storheim (MS student, UiB)



Norwegian citizens’ perceptions of electrical vehicles - Ole Martin Lægreid (Norwegian Research Centre)

The political economy of energy transitions - Dr. Siddharth Sareen (Department of Geography, UiB and CET)

The importance of environmental monitoring to ensure safe and efficient energy production - Emilie Dorgeville (Aanderaa Data Instruments)



Potential Exceeds the Demand - Margrethe Kolstand Brekke (Textile artist)

Hydrogen som drivstoff i maritim transport - Tomas Fiksdal (Greenstat)

Zero Emission Building (ZEB) ‘K2’ at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Kronstad, Bergen- Usman Dar (Sweco)

Solar panels at BKK's rooftops at Kokstad

Bacterial energy production. An electrifying tale - Anders Schouw (Department of Biological Sciences (BIO))



Competition from Bottom to Top: New Trends in Electricity Markets - Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui (Faculty of Law, UiB), Monika Inde Zsak (BKK), Anne Sofie Risnes (Statnett), Svein Harald Bjørlo (Rambøll), Mette Bjørndal (NHH)

Hydrogen in Japan - Anja Lindgaard Molnes (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiB)

Metal-organic frameworks as energy materials - Professor Pascal D.C. Dietzel (Department of Chemistry, UiB)



Deregulation and Deregulated Electricity Sectors in Central Europe and Scandinavia from 1970 to the present - Gregory Ferguson-Cradler (Postdoc, CET and Geography, UiB)

An overview on the status of renewable energy - Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa (Energy Director, UiB)



Sustainable Finance - Berte-Elen R. Konow (Faculty of Law, UiB)

Hydrogen from waste - Norbert Lümmen (Department of Mechanical and Marine Engineering at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL))

Renewable energy and the climate sciences - Jan Wohland (Forschungszentrum Jülich)



Riders on the Storm - Investors' Fiduciary Duty and Liability in Climate Change Matters - Esmeralda Colombo (Faculty of Law, UiB)

Vehicles for a sustainable future - Half day seminar - Robert Schneider (Aalen University), Torfinn Belbo (ZERO), Ulf Christiansen (Scania), Henrik Håkonsen (BKK), Vegard Frihammer (Greenstat), Rune Listhaug (ASKO), Sølve Sondbø (Hordaland County Council), Morten Woldseth (Skedsmo Municipality), Tomas Fiksdal (Greenstat), Jon Gaute Kvinge (BIR)

Energy, measurement and society - Half day seminar - Steven Wolf (Cornell University), Hans-Terje Ylvisåker (BKK), João Pedro Gouveia (NOVA University of Lisbon), Siddharth Sareen (Department of Geography, UiB)



The role of smart cities in promoting energy transitions - Marikken W. Wathne and Håvard Haarstad 

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in Maritime Applications - Tjalve Magnusson Svendsen (Prototech)

The Winter Package and the Agency for Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) - Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui (Faculty of Law, UiB)



Reducing Cost of Energy for Tidal Stream Turbines through Co-location - David Lande-Sudall (HVL)

Does the world really need more energy? - Finn Gunnar Nielsen (GFI, UiB)

Global perspective on energy support and demand (and food) - Einar Svendsen



An Update on Renewable Energy and Technology - Karoline Ullaland Hove (Greensight)

Language and climate action - expressions of responsibility and obligation - Kjersti Fløttum (Department of Foreign Languages, UiB)

Statoil’s ambitions in offshore wind, industrial and research challenges - Arne Eik, Gudmund Olsen, Nenad Keseric (Statoil); Lars Henrik Hosøy (Aibel); Gunnar Buvik (GCE Subsea); Joachim Reuder, Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa, Peter Haugan, Kårstein Måseide (UiB)




Modelling the future energy system in Longyearbyen – Hans-Kristian Ringkjøb (GFI, UiB)

An introduction and analysis to the EU-ETS system and how it is working (or not) - Ernst Nordtveit (Faculty of Law, UiB)

Energy design for the future - Aina Eide (Sweco)

Political science perspective on energy and climate - Thor Øivind Jensen (Department of Administration and Organization Theory, UiB)



Ocean Energy Developments at Runde - Lars Golmen (NIVA)

Biomass for energy: Potentials and sustainability - Half-Day Seminar - Einar Aalen Hunsager (Hordaland County Council), Simen Gjølsjø (NIBIO),  Kristine S Akervold (City of Bergen, Bergen Kommune), Camilla Løhre (Department of Chemistry), Thomas Hansen (St1), Dorinde Kleinegris (Uni Research)

Nanotechnology for harvesting solar energy - Martin Greve (IFT)

An introduction to BREEAM - Jeff Graves (ABO Plan & Arkitektur)

Public acceptance of energy sources - Gisela Böhm (Department of Psychosocial Science)



Green Cluster in Bergen - Karina Garnes Reigstad (City of Bergen)

Physical changes and risks to humans: Explaining what people in four European countries associate with climate change - Endre Tvinnereim (Uni Research)

Efficient and Sustainable Electricity Markets - Half-Day Seminar - Mette Bjørndal (NHH), Christian Bergqvist (University of Copenhagen), Benjamin Fram (NHH), Stefan Funk & Jonathan Wood (NHH), Ann-Mari Løberg Knudsen (BKK), Jørgen Bjørndalen (DNV GL - Energy)

Some research challenges for Photovoltaic Solar Energy - A collaboration with KNUST in Ghana - Tor Sørevik (Department of Mathematics)



History of Hywind - Finn Gunnar Nielsen (GFI)

Autumn 2017 Kick-off meeting - Eva Britt Isager (City of Bergen) & Sølve Sondbø (Hordaland County Council)



European Energy Research - Seen from EUA - Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa (CMR/UiB) (06.06.2017)



Geothermal Energy in Norway and in Hordaland - Kirsti Midttømme (CMR) (30.05.2017)

Planning installation of offshore wind farms - Stian Backe (Department of Informatics) (23.05.2017)

Towards Increased Fidelity in Simulation of Moored Wave Energy Converters - Claes Eskilsson (Chalmers) (16.05.2017)

Legal Control and Enforcement over National Energy Plans - Esmeralda Colombo (Faculty of Law - UiB) (09.05.2017)

Hywind - Gudmund Olsen (Statoil) (02.05.2017)



Tidal Current Energy - Jarle Berntsen (Department of Mathematics) (25.04.2017)

Electrification of the Norwegian Shelf with Wind Energy - Ida Marie Solbrekke (GFI) (18.04.2017)

The Norwegian Energy Market - Endre Bjørndal (NHH), Ørjan Mydland (NHH), Marte Wigen Nilsson (Multiconsult), Per R. Sandberg (Statoil) (05.04.2017)

The potential for wave energy in the North Sea - Birgitte Rugaard Furevik (Norwegian Meteorological Institute) (04.04.2017)



Extended Lunch-meeting - Malgorzata Cyndecka (Faculty of Law) & Gunnar Eskeland (NHH) (28.03.2017)

Greensight - Hilde Holdhus (21.03.2017)

Electric production from raindrops - Lars Egil Helseth (Department of Physics and Technology, UIB) (14.03.2017)

Emerging technologies and their impact on the society - Kjetil Rommetveit (SVT,UIB), Kristin Guldbrandsen Frøysa (NORCOWE/UIB), Simona Petroncini (Solbære), Halvard Tesdal (Småkraft), Lars Egil Helseth (Department of Physics and Technology, UIB), Dhayalan Velauthapillai (HVL), Thomas Hårklau (Kitemill), Helge L. Tvedt (Department of Geography, UIB), Ernst Nordtveit (Faculty of Law, UIB) (09.03.2017)

Jobs in the solar energy business in Germany and Norway - Hanne Sjøvold Hansen (HVL) (07.03.2017)



Designing a course on Wave Energy - John Carter (Seattle University)(28.02.2017)

Extended Lunch-meeting: Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui & Finn Gunnar Nielsen (21.02.2017)

Wave Energy: The Basic Principles - Finn Gunnar Nielsen (Geophysical Institute)(14.02.2017)

Half-day Seminar: The Future of Norwegian Biofuel - Gunnar Eskeland (NHH), Lars M. Nerheim (HVL), Geir H. Ingeborgrud (Eco-1), Tanja Barth (Department of Chemistry), Tor Ivar Eikaas (The Research Council of Norway), Aslak Sverdrup (Avinor) (08.02.2017)

Energy transition – A view from the social sciences  - Håvard Haarstad (Department of Geography) (07.02.2017)



Challenges related to carbon neutral Nordic countries in 2050 - Kevin Johnsen (Nordic Energy Research) (31.01.2017)

Alternative Wind Energy Concepts (SkyWind two-bladed turbine) - Per Bull Haugsøen (Oceanvis AS) (24.01.2017)

Optimizing cable routes in offshore wind - Arne Klein (Department of Informatics) (17.01.2017)

Fuel Cell - What is it and what are the benefits? - Crina Ilea (Prototech) (10.01.2017)



The future of Energy - Peter Haugan (GFI), Asgeir Thorsteinsson (BKK), Marte Godvik (Statoil), Vegard Frihammer (Greenstat) (03.11.2016)

Large-scale production of Hydrogen - Tomas Fiksdal (Greenstat)  (01.11.2016)

Energy Lab - Lars Henrik Paarup Michelsen (Norwegian Climate Foundation) & Sølve Sondbø (Hordaland County Council) (23.08.2016)

Energy Lab - Siri-Kalvig (UiS, IRIS), Ed Craig (University of Edinburgh) & Gunnar Eskeland (NHH) (21. & 26.04.2016)

Energy Lab Half-day seminar - Nils-Gunnar Kvamstø (GFI), Peter Haugan (GFI), Ingrid Foss Ballo (SVT, Geography), Ole Andreas Brekke (Uni Rokkan) & Jan Petter Hansen (Department of Physics & Technology)  (15.03.2016)

Energy Lab Opening (16.02.2016)