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Introduction to life cycle analysis

BELab Introduction to life cycle analysis
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We would like to invite you to the lunch meeting Tuesday (11/2) where Tanja Barth will hold her talk "Introduction to life cycle analysis".

Abstract: A Life Cycle Assessment or Analysis (LCA) is defined as the systematic analysis of the environmental impact of products during their entire life cycle. This introduction will present the LCA data processing structure  and highlight the challenges involved especially the definition of the boundaries system to be investigated, and the collecting the necessary data for inputs and emissions at each step of the process of production and use. The presentation will include an example of LCA applied to the use of electric vehicles in Europe in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental toxicity evaluations.

The seminar will be held in the Hellan-Hansen meeting room, Geophysical Institute (Allegaten 70), from 12:15 to 13:00 (we open the doors at 12:00). As always, it is free and open to all interested parties, so bring your lunch and join us for an interesting presentation followed by a Q&A session.