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Week 08

Today 21st February (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 09

Tuesday 25th February (1)

The Norwegian Offshore Wind Paradox (Event)

Week 10

3rd March (1)

Towards widespread use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in society (Event)

Week 11

10th March (1)

From worrying about climate change to pro-environmental behavior (Event)

Week 14

31st March (1)

"The greenest city in Norway" (Event)

Week 16

14th April (1)

Liquid hydrogen to decarbonize maritime transport in Norway (Event)

Week 18

28th April (1)

Half-day seminar: Sustainable Aviation? (Event)

Week 23

2nd June (1)

The solar collector facility at HVL (Event)

Week 40

29th September (1)

The offshore wind conference Science Meets Industry (Conference)