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Utilization of woody biomass and residues for production of energy products and high-value natural compounds

- a case study using biomass from costal forestry resources

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Kristoffer Mega Herdlevær will talk about the case study using biomass from costal forestry resources.

This project addresses the valorization of forestry residues in a biorefinery approach, combining extraction of high value-added products with biofuel and biobased chemicals production from the bulk materials. This approach conforms to the Norwegian bio-economy strategy "Regjeringens bioøkonomistrategi - Kjente ressurser – uante muligheter" chapter 5 "Effektiv utnyttelse og lønnsom foredling av fornybare biologiske ressurser" (Efficient exploitation and profitable refining of renewable biological resources), where use of by-products from forestry activities – i.e. branches,roots and tops is highlighted as an underutilized resource base. A promising approach to this challenge is the development of a biorefinery that converts a given biomass feedstock into a range of products with an overall higher market value.

Webinar speaker

Kristoffer Mega Herdlevær, PhD Candiate at the Department of Chemistry, UiB


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