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WATCH: Demand- response, why is it important and a challenge?

In the "green -transition"  managing electricity demand is increasing significantly, especially when new types of renewable electricity production (wind, solar) are intermittent.  How are we going to ensure security of electricity supply in the future? Does the EU's proposed network code for Demand-response provide a (part?) solution?

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Astrid Skjønborg Brunt graduated from the University in Bergen in 1988. She started her career at the law firm Barfod, after which she started working as a lawyer for Statkraft, the Norwegian electricity producer. After a year, the industry liberalized and she continued working as a lawyer for Statnett SF, the Norwegian Transmission System Operator for electricity from 1991. For this same company, she became the General Counsel in the year 2000, a position she held until 2015. During this period the legal department developed from three to twelve in-house lawyers. She has worked on infrastructure projects, development work in Nepal, Namibia, Cambodia, El Salvador and Uganda, in corporate governance, and issues related to the development and integration of the European electricity market.