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BEL lunch: Prices and crisis: Regulatory Reflections on the Energy Landscape

On 30th August, Ass. Prof. Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui will present some remarks connected to “Prices and crisis: Regulatory Reflections on the Energy Landscape”.

Jorden fra verdensrommet
Electricity in Europe
Jorden fra verdensrommet

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As you surely know, electricity and gas prices beat records daily. Governments across Europe are concerned about the lack of sufficient gas to keep the systems going in the winter. In Norway, on the other hand, we are speaking about limiting exports of power and rescuing consumers and businesses from a crisis that sees no end. Measures such as maximum prices are being proposed, while political disagreement about where and why to build transmission cables within Norway itself hit the news.

In this seminar, I will try to explain some facts about the way electricity markets work, present some possible or existing measures for the control over energy resources, comparative energy measures taken in other countries, and some facts as well as myths about the European energy rules.

Join us for some surely heated debate!