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Watch 'Developing infrastructure for greener shipping - Plug’s approach to shore power' here!

Maria Bos Managing Director at Plug will give us insight into developing infrastructure for greener shipping and she will share Plug's approach to shore power.

Developing infrastructure for greener shipping - Plug’s approach to shore power

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Ships in ports contribute significantly to local air pollution and shore power for ships is essential for the green transition of ports. Developing infrastructure needed to support ships in port demands both knowledge and capital. Counting the number of shore power facilities in operation, Norway is really at the forefront compared to the rest of the world. Plug, owned by the renewable company Eviny, has become an important contributor to this development, both designing, constructing, owning and operating shore power facilities through joint ventures with ports. Since the start in Bergen in 2018, Plug now cooperates with ports in all parts of Norway, contributing to speed up the construction of this important infrastructure. 

Webinar speaker

Maria Bos, Managing Director at Plug