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WATCH: Green Energy – Hardanger Hydrogen Hub

In this presentation, Ingvald Torblå, CEO of Odda Technology, presents the plans and current status of the Green energy project Hardanger Hydrogen Hub.

Illustration image with technical installations related to the project schematically drawn on an image of the Odda - Tyssedal area with the inner part of Sørfjorden
Ingvald Torblå - Odda Technology

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Ingvald Torblå, CEO of Odda Technology, is joining us for this seminar to present Hardanger Hydrogen Hub 


Hardanger Hydrogen Hub

Hardanger Hydrogen Hub is a development project in Tyssedal/Odda on the initiative of the business association Hardanger Industri, and the technology companies Tizir Titanium & Iron and Odda Technology. ‍

The Hardanger Hydrogen Hub project is a further development of Tizir's hydrogen conversion plans, where there may be a need for large quantities of hydrogen and the possibility of both producing and storing hydrogen in the area in connection with this need is being looked at.

The project is now being developed as a collaborative project in a consortium of industrial companies consisting of Statkraft, Tizir, TechnipFMC Kongsberg and Odda Technology

Odda Technology is the project owner and with us in the consortium are Næringshagen in Ullensvang, GCE Ocean Technology, Kongsberg Innovation and Ullensvang Municipality. The project is a good example of how the industry is leading the development of society, here with a project that involves all 3 levels in the industry: energy, process and system. In addition, technology environments in both the West and East collaborate ‍

Source: Odda Technology: https://www.oddatechnology.no/nyheter/gronn-energi-hardanger-hydrogen-hub