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Energy Perspectives 2023

This seminar was not recorded but a similar presentation by chief economist Eirik Wærness along with much more information, can be found at the Energy Perspectives webpage at Equinor.com, see the right hand column for links.

Photo showing power poles in front of a few blocks of flats under a blue sky.

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Energy Perspectives 2023

Energy Perspectives is an independent energy scenario analysis prepared annually by Equinor analysts. It describes two scenarios for the development of the world economy, energy markets and energy-related greenhouse gas emissions towards 2050. This presentation will discuss the key takeaways from the analysis.


About the presenter

Hans-Kristian Ringkjøb works as a Principal Market Analyst within Global External Analysis in Equinor. He is part of the modelling team behind Energy Perspectives, developing scenarios for the global energy future. Hans-Kristian is an engineer by education and holds a PhD in energy systems modelling from the University of Bergen.