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Watch: Offshore wind - past, present and future

Jan Fredrik Stadaas, Corporate Strategy Manager, Equinor give us insight into Offshore wind - past, present and future

Offshore wind - past, present and future

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Offshore wind is on every-ones lips these days. Huge interest by the media, discussed by politicians, attractive for investors and increased interest from the public. All this triggers a lot of questions related to what offshore wind can offer, where should it be built, what impact will it have on the energy marked but also physically in our surroundings.  Looking back in history there has always been uncertainty when new technologies has become an integral part of our society and lives. Typical past examples are the introduction of cars, electric infrastructure, the railroad as well as more recent ones such as the internet, district heating and aquaculture. They have all come with consequences, change, and opportunities. So then, what about offshore wind – what should we expect, how should we work to take full advantage of the new energy offering/technology while reducing potential negative impact. I don’t have all the answers to these questions but will elaborate a bit on what we have learned over the last decade, shed some light on what we should expect in coming years.


Webinar speaker

Jan Fredrik Stadaas, Corporate Strategy Manager at Equinor