Bergen Energy Lab (BEL)
Seminar - BEL Lunch

BEL Lunch: Optimal utilization of the grid

Electrification is accelerating and energy systems are rapidly changing. We want to address this by looking at how we can utilize the capacity in the grid, rather than solving it through new investments and expansions of the grid.

Eviny: Rapidly changing energy system
Illustrasjon: Eviny, Rapidly changing energy system

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The energy system of the future will have more production from renewable energy sources and increased demand response, but at the same time customers should experience this energy system as reliable, as always.

The energy flow will travel in both ways, from and to the consumers and local producers. Active customers will have consumption, energy storage, production, and increased use of control technology. The system of the future should be designed to handle fluctuating resources and customer needs. Project "Energy management" in Eviny will contribute to find out how control technology and real-time monitoring will provide new opportunities for flexible operation of the grid with modernized distribution planning.

Augusta Pithalice, Project lead R&D. Master in physics, UIB. Working in Eviny from 2013 with SCADA, Remote terminal units, Fault analysis in grid, Demand response.

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