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A green direction through a circular value chain

Ronny Haufe, CEO at CCB Energy Holding will give us insight into a green direction through circular value chain

ccb energy holding
CCB Energy Holding AS

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The presentation will, beside give some short information about the company, cover subjects within green industries that might be established in CCBs Energy Park.
This includes industries like; 
•    DAC (direct air capture of CO2)
•    Carbon reduction companies
•    CCU companies (focus on better use of CO2)
•    BIO industry
•    Hydrogen production

We will try to demonstrate some example of circularity within green industries and explain why it is important to achieve synergy in an early phase for such companies.
We also want to give some short information of our effort within hydrogen and future involvement for liquefaction and purifying of captured CO2.


Webinar speaker

Ronny Haufe, CEO at CCB Energy Holding (ccbeh)