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WATCH: Reliable metering for custody transfer of hydrogen

This is the first of 3 webinars in a mini-series dealing with hydrogen and ammonia presented at Bergen Energy Lab in February 2024 providing valuable updates on different aspects of the current developments in hydrogen technology, economy and legislation.

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Kjetil Folgerø is chief scientist in measurement science at NORCE. His main focus in on flow measurement, sensor development, uncertainty analysis and modelling/simulation.  He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Bergen.


Ensuring fair custody transfer and trade is essential for the development of a hydrogen energy sector. This necessitates accurate measurement of quantities and quality of hydrogen along the hydrogen supply chain. Currently, the established technologies used in the natural gas industry do not meet the measurement requirements. Thus, there is a  need to update measurement methods, calibration facilities, and standards. NORCE is actively involved in several research projects together with industry and research partners, focusing on reliable hydrogen measurements. This presentation will discuss some of the challenges related to hydrogen measurements and the approaches being taken in these projects.