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Watch 'Decommissioning of offshore wind farms: where are we and what challenges lie ahead' here!

Gunnar Eskeland professor at NHH will give us more insight into decommissioning of offshore wind farms and which challenges lie ahead

Decommissioning of offshore wind farms: where are we and what challenges lie ahead

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Decommissioning in the North Sea is a responsibility of the production companies: a contractual obligation intended to serve the environment and other stakeholders. It is also a mountain of a job – two generations worth - sailing towards us, potential for gainful employment and perhaps a potential goldmine. Possibly, a lost opportunity, unless host nations gear up and invest in knowledge, technology, regulatory and production capacity. R-Deco is a project that examines incentive problems, regulation and finance, comparing the near-term job in petroleum with the emerging one in wind. For the latter, the challenge of planning for circularity – building for circularity – is still an open opportunity. R-Deco also emphasizes that if North Sea countries do this well, including standardization and certification, it can help raise circularity and responsible re- and de-commissioning in international maritime shipping as well.   


Webinar speaker

Gunnar Eskeland, professor at NHH Norwegian School of Economics.