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Climate attitudes: Fresh results from the Norwegian Citizen Panel

Thea Gregersen, PhD Candidate, Centre for climate and energy transformation (CET) will present new results about climate attitudes among the norwegian population form the Norwegian Citizen Panel collected Autumn 2021

Norske klimaholdninger
Thea Gregersen, CET

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Wonder what the Norwegian public thinks about climate change? 

In this talk, Thea Gregersen presents new results from the Norwegian Citizen Panel, based on data collected in October/November 2021. Has anything changed since the last time we measured it? After all, we did have a summer characterized by extreme weather in Europe, a new report from IEA in May and IPCC in August, and the election in September. All of which got considerable media attention. 

- Surveys from the UK and US* have reported that climate change concern reached an all-time high in the autumn of 2021. How worried are the Norwegian public in October/November 2021? 

- What do the Norwegians think about onshore and offshore wind power? 

- To what degree do we find support for climate protests? 

- How big should the Norwegian oil industry be in 20 – 30 years? 

- What kind of feelings do we have towards climate change? 

The presentation concludes the climate dissemination project ‘Norske Klimaholdninger’ funded by the strategic area Climate and Energy at UiB. The aim of the project was to (1) collect new data, (2) record dissemination videos, and (3) create infographics based on previous results from the citizen panel. 

Videos and infographics can be found here

 *Leiserowitz, A., Maibach, E., Rosenthal, S., Kotcher, J., Carman, J., Neyens, L., Marlon, J., Lacroix, K., & Goldberg, M. (2021). Climate Change in the American Mind, September 2021. Yale University and George Mason University. New Haven, CT: Yale Program on Climate Change Communication.

 IPOS November 2021


Webinar speaker

Thea Gregersen, PhD Candidate, Centre for climate and energy transformation (CET)