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BEL Lunch: Green ammonia in shipping

Reserve the date for an interesting presentation from Project Engineer & Analyst Raghild Høvik at Grieg Star, who will talk about green ammonia in shipping

MS Green Ammonia
Grieg Star, MS Green Ammonia

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The maritime industry faces big challenges to meet the environmental targets set by IMO and EU in the coming years. In order to meet the requirements, a large share of the world fleet must use alternative fuels in the future. Ammonia is carbon free and seen as a promising fuel for shipping. Grieg Edge is developing a value chain for ammonia as maritime fuel along the coast of Norway and in the Skagerrak area. The MS Green Ammonia is a part of the larger Berlevåg-project in the north of Norway: a group of Norwegian companies intends to use wind from Raggovidda to produce green ammonia. The project is a result of the ZEEDS initiative. The vessel will be the world’s first ammonia powered ammonia tankers, to distribute green ammonia to terminals and via ship-to-ship bunkering. This and other ammonia related projects are led by Grieg Edge, which is the dedicated innovation unit within Grieg Maritime Group.

With a background as Naval Architect from NTNU and bachelor’s in economics from NHH, Ragnhild Farstad Høvik is working towards making shipping more environmentally friendly. In her position as Project Engineer for Grieg Star, the daily work consists of evaluating efficiency measures for existing vessels sailing across the world today, as well as developing new solutions for future fuels - such as green ammonia.

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