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Seminar - BEL Lunch

BEL Lunch: Local perceptions of onshore wind parks: reflections from two cases in Norway

Reserve the date and hear Christina Gkini, PhD Candiate at UiB talk about local perceptions of onshore wind parks including reflections from two cases in Norway.

Haramsøy - vindturbiner
UiB, Christina Gkini

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Onshore wind parks in Norway have been faced with some opposition by local communities where they are deployed. In this talk, I will discuss preliminary findings from two case studies in Norway, Haramsøya and Øyfjellet, with an emphasis on local actors’ perceptions, particularly those associated with elements of justice.

Christina Gkini is a PhD candidate at the Centre for the Science of Learning and Technology (SLATE), Faculty of Psychology and the System Dynamics Group, Faculty of Geography at the University of Bergen. Her work focuses on onshore wind energy and participatory approaches to engagement and co-creation of future pathways.

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