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Seminar - BEL Lunch

BEL Lunch: Democratic energy transition in Norway - opportunities and obstacles

Please reserve the date for an update on democratic energy transition in Norway with an emphasis on opportunities and obstacles.

Jorden fra verdensrommet
Jorden fra verdensrommet

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Associate Professor Endre Meyer Tvinnereim will present some results from the “Norwegian Citizen Panel” and their research on how Norway can transition from a fossil based economy to a net-zero economy, Norwegians’ thoughts on the future of the oil and gas industry, our thoughts on the energy situation and the high prices and more.

Endre Meyer Tvinnereim, Associate Professor at UiB - my main research interests are comparative public opinion on climate policies, quantitative text analysis in survey research and evidence-based evaluations of cap-and-trade and other CO2 pricing mechanisms. My public opinion research using quantitative text analysis and public opinion surveys has been published in journals such as Nature Climate Change, Global Environmental Change and Energy Policy. I rely primarily on survey questions and survey experiments run by my team on the Norwegian Citizen Panel, a probability-sample online infrastructure for collecting people's views on current matters. I have also used data from other opinion surveys and countries in my publications, including China and Bangladesh. Using more traditional survey questions, I find that people working in the fossil fuel industry are less likely to support climate policies that imply high costs to their industry, but are as likely as everybody else to support policies with lower costs.

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