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At the Department of Government we conduct research on and engage in teaching within many of the classical problems in political science and political theory, such as the relationship between state and society, politics and administration; organization and individual; professionalization; the division of responsibility between the public and private sectors; democratization; the nature of politics; the relation between; conditions for governance and leadership.  

Our study programs are suitable for those of you that have an interest in understanding the construction of society, and that like discussing issues such as societal security, knowledge, climate, child protection, welfare policies, or large political-administrative reforms.

Name change
The department has recently changed its name, and we are currently working on updating our website. You may come across pages that show the department’s old name. Learn more about the recent name change here.

Do you want to study Politics and Governance of Global Challenges?

We offer a two-year Masters Programme in Politics and Governance of Global Challenges, taught in English. We also offer courses taught in English at the bachelors level.

If you need information regarding your studies and student services you can contact the study advisor or The Information Centre at The Faculty of Social Sciences.

Why did our students choose our programme?

See what motivated some of our students to attend the programme, and what they have learned from it.

What is life like as a student at the UiB?

Practical information about student life at the university, date of exams, scheduling and more can be found at this page.

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Become a seminar leader at the Department of Government!

Do you want to be a seminar leader next semester? Apply by May 1st!

New article
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Populations express confidence in their child protection system

New article in the prestigious Journal of Social Policy: PhD candidate Mathea Loen and Professor Marit Skivenes finds that a majority of populations in Czechia, England, Finland, Norway, Poland, and Romania express confidence in their child protection system.

Bilde av Marit Skivenes

Skivenes presented NOU on legal protection in child welfare services

On March 20th Professor Marit Skivenes presented NOU 2023: 7 on legal protection in child welfare services.

Bilde av boka og forfatterne

The Oxford Handbook of Child Protection Systems

This handbook, edited by Jill Duerr Berrick, Neil Gilbert and Marit Skivenes, is the largest to date overview of child protection systems across the world. The book describes and analyzes the ways in which 50 countries from every continent, except Antarctica, have developed measures for the...

New publication
Picture of the book "Democratic backsliding in Africa?" to the left, and Lise Rakner to the right

Democratic backsliding in Africa? Autocratization, resilience, and contention

Why have most African countries not achieved greater political liberalization? What explains the lack of progress toward the ideals of liberal democracy across the region?

What kind of job can you get?

Every year approximate 10-15 international candidates complete the Master’s Programme in Public Administration. With a degree in Public Administration, the opportunities are many. 

On this page you can read some short interviews with former students.

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