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At the Department of Government we conduct research on and engage in teaching within many of the classical problems in political science and political theory, such as the relationship between state and society, politics and administration; organization and individual; professionalization; the division of responsibility between the public and private sectors; democratization; the nature of politics; conditions for governance and leadership.   

Our study programmes are suitable for those who have an interest in understanding the construction of society, and who like discussing issues such as societal security, knowledge, climate, child protection, welfare policies, and large political-administrative reforms. Read about international students' experiences from our Master's programme here


New publication
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New book: Norway’s EU Experience and Lessons for the UK: On Autonomy and Wriggle Room

Arild Aurvåg Farsund is co-author of this book, which was written together with John Erik Fossum, Christopher Lord, Fay Madeleine Farstad, Merethe Dotterud Leiren, Espen D.H. Olsen, Marianne Riddervold, Johanne Døhlie Saltnes, Øyvind Svendsen and Jarle Trondal.

Honorary Lecture
The March / Olsen Honorary Lecture

March/Olsen Honorary Lecture (H23): Professor Walter W. Powell

On Friday, August 25th 2023, the Department of Government was pleased to host this year's March / Olsen Honorary Lecture with Professor Walter W. (Woody) Powell as the distinguished speaker. The title of the lecture by Professor Powell was called "The Iron Cage Redux - Looking Back and Forward".

New publication
Bilde av Martina Vukasovic

Lobbying on higher education issues in Western Europe - mapping of interest groups and intermediary structures

Who are the key actors in interest intermediation in higher education in Western Europe?

New publication
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Do Wars breed Nationalism?

Carlo Koos from the Department of Government is one of the authors of this new article published in American Political Science Review.

New article
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Populations express confidence in their child protection system

New article in the prestigious Journal of Social Policy: PhD candidate Mathea Loen and Professor Marit Skivenes finds that a majority of populations in Czechia, England, Finland, Norway, Poland, and Romania express confidence in their child protection system.

Name change

The department has recently changed its name, and we are currently working on updating our website. You may come across pages that show the department’s old name. Learn more about the recent name change here.

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