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At the Department of Government we conduct research on and engage in teaching within many of the classical problems in political science and political theory, such as the relationship between state and society, politics and administration; organization and individual; professionalization; the division of responsibility between the public and private sectors; democratization; the nature of politics; the relation between; conditions for governance and leadership.  

Our study programs are suitable for those of you that have an interest in understanding the construction of society, and that like discussing issues such as societal security, knowledge, climate, child protection, welfare policies, or large political-administrative reforms.

Name change
The department has recently changed its name, and we are currently working on updating our website. You may come across pages that show the department’s old name. Want to learn more about the name change? Click here

Do you want to study public administration and political science?

We offer a two-year Masters Programme in Public Administration (MPA), taught in English. We also offer courses taught in English at the bachelors level.

If you need information regarding your studies and student services you can contact the study advisor or The Information Centre at The Faculty of Social Sciences.

Why did our students choose the MPA programme?

See what motivated some of our students to attend the programme, and what they have learned from it.

What is life like as a student at the UiB?

Practical information about student life at the university, date of exams, scheduling and more can be found at this page.

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New department name : Department of Government

- The new name reflects the breadth of our research interest, says head of department Lise H. Rykkja. The Norwegian name will be Institutt for politikk og forvaltning and the changes will take place from 1 August 2022.


Policymaking informed by experts?

Per Lægreid has together with Tom Christensen published the article “Scientization under pressure – the problematic role of expert bodies during the COVID-19 pandemic” in Public Organization Review.

Svein Michelsen og Ivar Bleiklie

The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Norway

Together professor emeritus Ivar Bleiklie and professor Svein Michelsen have written a chapter in The Advisory Roles of Political Scientists in Europe. The chapter investigates the position of academic policy advice in Norway, and in particular the role played by political scientists in policy advice.

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Kappe – what and how?

On 3 May Sampol and Admorg jointly organised the seminar "Kappe – tips, tricks and experiences" for all interested PhD candidates at SV

New publication
Professor Arild Aurvåg Farsund

Politicization Strategies in Domestic Trade Policy Making

Arild Farsunds new article investigates how Norway’s trading policies have adapted to the new world order of multilateral agreements.

What kind of job can you get?

Every year approximate 10-15 international candidates complete the Master’s Programme in Public Administration. With a degree in Public Administration, the opportunities are many. 

On this page you can read some short interviews with former students.

Career opportunities

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