Department of Government

New department name : Department of Government

- The new name reflects the range of our research interest, says Head of Department Lise H. Rykkja. The Norwegian name will be Institutt for politikk og forvaltning and the change will take place from August 1st 2022.

A picture of the department. The sun is reflected on the many windows
Denise F. Flatmark

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Why the change to Department of Government?

When the subject was established in 1969 by the first professor of political science in Norway, Knut Dahl Jacobsen, at the helm, it was part of a joint Department of Sociology. Since its establishment, the department has had a strong academic foundation in political science, which is now reflected in the new name; Department of government.

The name change to Department of Government, in Norwegian Institutt for politikk og forvaltning, aims to combine an existing successful academic orientation with new development features. The ambition is an orientation towards a broad political science profile with special emphasis on studies of central and cross-border societal challenges that our political system faces.

«In recent years, we have strengthened our expertise in areas such as citizenship, democracy, law and welfare. The Department of Government embraces these topics better and communicates more clearly the research and teaching at the department» - Lise H. Rykkja. 

An important academic justification for the new department name is the clearer connection our staff's research interests such as climate challenges, social security, crisis management and other societal challenges.